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   Chapter 453 Do I Also Need to Go to the Balcony

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Harry nodded and gently looked at his daughter while he held her in his arms. "You can go and discover the old pocket watch secret, I will send people to protect you!" he said. Landon had been injured, and Harry had already visited him.

With her solemn face, Lola looked at Harry, and said, "But I don't want to seek out for any treasures or some incredible wealth; it will cause us too much trouble."

"If you don't seek the secret, you'll get into a lot of trouble anyway, and there will be many people who will cast their covetous eyes on the whole Li family," said Harry. As long as the old pocket watch existed, trouble would be inevitable.

After Harry gently shook Sally for a little while, she fell asleep in his arms.

He then gently put her into another cradle and kissed her cheek.

After that, Harry, who had his arms around Lola, left the baby's room and entered Nicole's.

He turned on the dim light and saw that Nicole was sound asleep. After tucking Nicole in, Harry turned off the light and left.

He now had a wife and three children, and he was satisfied with what he had.

He went back to the bedroom, and placed his arms around Lola again. Since the two babies had been born, Harry hadn't had the chance to hold Lola in his arms anymore while sleeping.

At first, Lola would sleep in their bedroom, but later she slept in the baby's room.

Or she sometimes slept with Nicole to keep her company. She spent most of her time with her three children.

At night

Harry and Lola were silently laid in the bed, listening to each other's heartbeats. Harry kissed her on her forehead, and asked, "Are you still thinking about the old pocket watch?"

After she tossed and turned for a while in bed, and after she finally laid comfortable in Harry's arms, Lola nodded a yes.

Recently, Harry and her three children stayed almost all the time with her. She was so happy that she had almost forgotten the cruelties of day-to-day society.

"Don't think too much of it. Be brave, and go and look for the secret. Just remember that I'll forever protect you," said Harry. If he wasn't able to protect her, if he were to let her get injured one more time, he wouldn't be deserving of his title anymore!

Lola slightly nodded, and thinking that since she eventually had to face this sooner or later, she should man up and face it!

It was late at night, and Lola was now sound asleep. After looking at her slumbering face, Harry carefully got out of bed.

He then grabbed his phone, went to the balcony, and called someone. "How are the preparations going? OK, come to the manor at seven o 'clock tomorrow morning... OK."

After hangin

Mother is taking her annual leave now, so she can look after Sally. As for Nicole and our son, grandfather and father came over to the manor to take care of them," said Harry. He thought that she would now be more at ease, because their two kids were now being looked after by several of his most trustworthy people!

Lola nodded, and wondered if they had left their three children just to enjoy their own sweet, selfish moments.

Weren't they responsible for their own children?

When she gargled, Lola slightly bent over, and Harry began to touch her in a more erotic way, while watching their reflections in the mirror.

Lola pinched his arm to stop him. After all, there were other people outside!

After she turned on the tap and adjusted the water's temperature, Lola washed her hands with the lukewarm water. She then turned off the tap and turned around, grabbing his face in her delicate wet hands.

When she saw that Harry slightly frowned, Lola happily said, "Ha-ha. Get out now, quickly!" She also caressed his face.

Harry, who was in a good mood, grasped her wrists with his large hands and pressed her waist against the wash basin. "You're really naughty, and you should be taught a lesson and punished!" he said.

He gently started kissing her lips, but eventually Lola pushed him out of the bathroom.

When she saw that the door closed by itself, Lola resumed washing her face.

After she dried her face with a towel, Lola saw that there was only one bottle of face cream on the counter, and wondered whether other of her skin care products were on the plane.

She checked around, but couldn't see any.

"Didn't you bring along my skin care products?" She opened the bathroom's door and asked Harry, who was patiently waiting for her outside.

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