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   Chapter 452 Find Out the Secrets of the Old Pocket Watch

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6966

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Later, he had avenged his mother. Harry hadn't wanted the media to rake over the past and wished that his mother could rest in peace. So he hadn't told the public that Yolanda was the chief instigator in his mother's death.

That was the case. It suddenly dawned on Lola. "So how many years did Yolanda get?" she asked Harry. "She must have got at least eight to ten years" Lola thought satisfactorily.

Harry looked at Lola and thought, "My wife is so pure. She has no idea at all." Her heart is clean.

"She died, " he replied in a faint voice.

What? Lola was stunned. "Really?" She looked at Harry carefully. Did she hear it wrong? The last she had heard was that Yolanda was behind bars.

Harry took Lola in his arms. He looked at her fine hands and said, "She was tortured to death by the others in prison." He didn't hide anything from her.

Lola thought of Mike. He had suffered the same fate with Yolanda.

She shouldn't feel sorry about them. They deserved punishment.

Now that Yolanda was dead, she was safe. "Then I don't need a bodyguard every time I am going out, " she asked Harry. It was always uneasy when someone was following you around.

"It depends, " he said. Yolanda was dead but Thomas Herren was alive. He guessed that Thomas was after the old pocket watch.

Lola saw that Harry was unaffected by Yolanda's death. How could he not be upset about her death? Lola looked at him with a doubtful expression.

"How do you feel now?" she asked him. She observed his expressions carefully lest he lied to her.

"How do I feel now?" He raised his eyebrows. He grabbed her and holding her tight, whispered in her ears, "I feel good holding you now."

Lola rolled her eyes at him and pushed him away. "I'm asking you about your feelings now that your ex-girlfriend is dead."

Oh! this is what she was talking about. Harry gave her a smirk. "Give me a nice, long kiss and I'll tell you the truth." Saying this, he put his face in front of her lips.

Lola was speechless. "How can you be so heartless? She used to be your woman, " she hotly asked

he broke a leg?" Lola's eyes widened with worry. She suddenly stood up from the sofa. No one had told her about this!

Jordan nodded. They hadn't told her as she herself was in confinement. "He has been discharged from the hospital and is doing well now."

Lola felt a bit relieved and sat down on the sofa again. Jordan was right. It was the old pocket watch that had started all the trouble. Thinking aloud, Lola said, "But for that, we will have to go to Mando Bay."

"I have had a word with Harry. When I have finished my business, I'll go with you to Mando Bay to protect you, " he said. Mando Bay was so dangerous that they might need to take a dozen people with them for protection.

"Ok, " she nodded. The old pocket watch was like a time bomb. Somebody else would be kidnapped again if they didn't find out its secrets quickly.

At night

Jordan went to find his comrade-in-arms in the army in C Country. Lola was standing near the window, looking outside, with Sally in her arms.

The door to the nursery opened and Harry entered the room.

He walked up to her and gave her a hot kiss.

"What are you thinking about?" he lazily asked her. He took Sally in his arms and kissed her, too.

Daniel was sleeping soundly in his cradle.

"Big brother was here today, " she said with a faraway look. Her brain was full of things that she had learned during the day.

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