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   Chapter 451 How Could He be Simple

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Would she get along well with Lola for the sake of the three children?...


It took a long time for Harry to get his emotions under control. Once he had done that, he slowly walked behind Lola.

"Honey!" He softly called out to her. Mrs. Du heard him. Thinking he wanted to play with the kids, she brought the pram with the kids to him.

Lola also heard him. She put down the spade in her hands and turned towards him. "Harry? How come you are home early?" She curiously looked at him. Usually, Harry spent the entire day at the company.

Harry beckoned her saying, "There is something that I need to discuss with you." Lola brushed her hands, stood up and walked out of the garden crossing the rare flowers.

Harry was holding Sally in his arms. "Let me wash my hands first." Lola said as she walked into the mansion.

Harry watched her enter the mansion and smiled. "Mrs. Du, Could you please take care of the babies for a moment. I need to speak with Lola." He put Sally back in the pram and gently pinched Daniel's chubby cheeks.

Daniel, feeling the pinch, frowned exactly like his father.

... Harry, though amused didn't make a fuss as he was just a baby. After all, he could always beat him when he grew up. Harry smiled at the thought.

"Sure, Young Master. They'll be fine with me, " replied Mrs. Du. The two babies were so adorable that even Mrs. Du wasn't willing to leave them for a moment.

In the study

Harry made Lola, who was using a hand cream, sit on the sofa. "What happened?" Lola looked up at Harry and asked.

He hesitated a bit and then said, "Thomas Herren's grandfather visited me today." Harry noticed that Lola dazed for a moment but then continued applying the cream.

Lola didn't say anything so Harry went on speaking, "Grandpa Herren helped me a lot when I was just starti

e had neither hated nor hurt her. Lola had once asked Cherry to pass a message to Harry.

Cherry hadn't done that. She might have had her own reasons.

Harry held Lola's soft hands and said, "Cherry had sex with Thomas because Yolanda tricked them. And they got married because Cherry's family didn't let him go before marrying her."

"What?" Lola could think of a number of reasons why they were married, but she didn't expect it to be Yolanda.

"What did Yolanda do?" She asked.

Harry felt disgusted even speaking about the dead woman. He briefly told Lola what he knew.

Thomas was about to marry Lola, while Harry was with Cherry at that time.

Yolanda had got someone to tail Thomas. She finally got a chance to play her trick when he was going to stay in a hotel for one night. She drugged Cherry and sent her to his room.

She also paid the waiter in the hotel to drug Thomas.

She did all this because she neither wanted Cherry to be with Harry nor wanted Lola to be happy.

But Yolanda didn't expect Harry to be able to prove Lola's innocence so fast.

Harry and Lola got together again and Thomas married Cherry with Harry's help.

It finally helped them out. Harry was happy for that.

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