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   Chapter 450 If You Love Me, Kneel on the Crisp Instant Noodle

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7014

Updated: 2018-08-12 11:13

"OK, honey, let's do that," replied Lola. She wore a bright smile on her face, and looked at him with a pair of seductive eyes.

His eyes shined when he saw her captivating expression.

They entered the bedroom together, and Harry started kissing her immediately, but Lola covered her mouth with a cunning look now.

She held his hand and walked towards the balcony.

"Hum? On the balcony? I like that!" he thought.

Lola opened the door of the balcony and led him in, and the sea breeze was blowing straight at them.

She now wore a coquettish smile, and as she held him around the waist, she asked, "My dear husband, do you love me?" She was setting a trap for him.

Harry answered with a series of deep kisses on her red lips.

After a short while, he said, "You tell me..." He gently stroked her immaculate face.

"I don't know, because you never say it," replied Lola. She pouted her lips in discontent.

Harry chuckled, and said, "Honey, I love you with all my heart!" Lost in the romantic scene, Harry totally forgot about her anger.

Lola pointed to the ground, and said, "If you love me, kneel on the crisp instant noodles."

Harry cast a surprised look at her. She gloated, and added, "Be careful not to crush them."


"Kneel on the noodles?" Harry was now helpless. He thought, "Wow, she really doesn't play by the rules! I got away with the durians, but now... How did she even think of instant noodles? Kneel on them? Aren't they supposed to be food?"

"Dear, can we please release your anger in some other way? asked Harry. "Like having sex," he thought.

Unsatisfied, Lola cast him a stare, and replied, "No! Harry, I know that a real man will not kneel so easily. But you don't have to kneel to me; kneel to the heavens instead!"

Kneel to the heavens? No! Harry put his arm around her waist, and said, "OK, I'll kneel, but only on the condition that you stop being angry with me, OK?"

"Or else all of this will be in vain!" he thought.

Lola stared at him with an arrogant look, and replied, "It depends. If I'm pleased, you can s

now he had to apologize to a young man for Thomas's mistakes. Harry felt that indeed it was not that simple for him.

"Mr. Herren, you don't have to apologize. I hope that he can take full responsibility for his mistakes," said Harry. Harry didn't want Aaron Herren to be involved in this.

Aaron heard his unspoken words and secretly sighed. He begged, and said, "I know my grandson more than anyone else. If it's OK, please do me a favor and keep him alive, no matter what happens in the future."

Two hours later, Harry walked out of the cafe.

He fixed his gaze on Aaron while he slowly disappeared in the distance.

"It's not that simple. Thomas Herren is a threat to Lola," thought Harry.

The last words that he had spoken to Aaron Herren were, "I need to discuss this with my wife first."

He thought, "Thomas Herren had my wife and son imprisoned for a month. For Aaron's sake, I promised I will let it pass. But I cannot make that decision in Lola's name. Whether she will be willing to let him live or not, that all depends on her."

He drove back home to the manor, pondering on this matter.

At the manor

Lola was planting a flower seedling in the garden.

Next to her was Mrs. Du, wheeling the baby stroller with the twins in it around.

Harry remembered his mother. If she were still alive, she would have been really happy to see her three grandchildren!

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