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   Chapter 449 Where are All the Durians in the Supermarket

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6941

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Nicole crawled over to her brother and held his little hands. She then dragged him out of her mother's arms and pulled him closer to her.

But when she was about to play with him, Nicole accidentally plopped on Harry's ankle.

Drowsy, Harry woke up when he felt his aching ankle.

He looked at his cute daughter, who was now apologizing. "Daddy, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it." But she didn't look sorry. She then softly pinched her brother's cheek.

... Harry looked at his daughter with a forced smile. Since he now had already woken up, he sat up in bed, and said, "Come now. Daddy will get you washed."

When Lola woke up, she found that only she and her two cute babies were in the bedroom. The two babies were stretching their legs.

Then Harry opened the door; he had just returned from Nicole's kindergarten.

"Honey, you're awake, " said Harry. He gently kissed her red lips.

Lola looked at him, and asked, "Did you drive Nicole to school?" She was holding Sally in her arms and smoothing out her clothes.

Harry sat down next to her and enjoyed the ordinary, but happy, moment.

When Lola was just about to go to the bathroom to wash herself, she suddenly turned around, and asked, "Are you going to the office later?" Harry was playing with the babies, and so it seemed that he wasn't.

"It's not a busy office day, and Joey can handle it. I have to take a day off from time to time." Harry was dandling his daughter while speaking to Lola.

"A day off from time to time? Lately, you've been taking a lot of days off. Especially when I was in A Country, when you there by plane. All right. We'll talk about it later, " thought Lola. She then said, "Let's go to the supermarket today." This was what she was really implying.

Harry watched her entering the bathroom and thought about her idea for a while; he had already guessed what his stubborn wife was up to.

He picked up his phone and called the St. Deya Shopping Mall's boss. He lowered his voice on the phone, and demanded, "Remove all the durian fruits from the shelves today..."


order coming straight from the manager. It has something to do with you, right?" asked Lola.

"That stupid manager!" cursed Harry in his mind. He then put his arm around Lola's waist, and said, "Honey, if you want to eat durians, we can buy some peeled ones."

Lola smiled and softly replied, "It's OK, Harry. I'll eat something else instead." Harry didn't realize that there were things other than the durian fruits that he could kneel on, such as the crisp instant noodles.

Therefore, to Harry's surprise, as they were about to check out, Lola put a few bags of crisp instant noodles in their shopping cart.

After lunch, Lola put the two babies in their room and lulled them to sleep.

She then went to the study and waited for Harry. He was answering a phone call.

"OK, yes, I know him. Tell him to wait for me in my office at eight tomorrow morning, " spoke Harry in the phone. Still speaking on the phone, he sat next to his wife on the sofa and held her hand.

And without any struggle whatsoever, Lola put on a false smile and waited for him to finish his call. He continued, "I know that. I'll talk to him about all the details in person."

"OK, that's it. Send the questionnaire to my email." Finally he hung up the phone.

He then immediately kissed her on the cheek, and said, "Honey, it's nap time."

"Maybe we'll take a nap together, " he thought.

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