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   Chapter 448 Of Course I'll Kneel

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Harry then went back inside the bathroom to clean himself up.

And Lola carried Daniel to Kevin and went back to the baby's room.

Sally seemed to have felt her mother's familiar scent, and she woke up and began to cry.

Lola felt sorry for her, and she lifted her and nursed her.

As the night steadily grew dark, the three babies finally fell sound asleep in their cribs.

Before Lola almost fell asleep, she was carried back to their own bedroom by Harry. No sooner after he closed the door that he started kissing her hard on her red, plump lips.

She was leaned against the wall by him. Harry then scanned her face, which was slightly fined down when he now began to get even with her. "Lola! You were so bold to leave me a message like that!" He confronted her with rage in his eyes.

Lola let out a sigh; she knew very well that he would not skip over this affair.

But, at the time when she was involved into so much trouble, she had no other choice. She had to say something cruel to him so that he would hate her, or even forget her.

But, since she was now back, Lola really didn't want to mention or be reminded of these sad, unhappy memories. So, without uttering another single word, Lola actively pressed her lips onto Harry's.

But Harry pushed her away, which hurt Lola, because her kiss had been refused.

"Has he touched you this month?" asked Harry. The air around them in the bedroom was soon filled with jealousy. Harry didn't think that Thomas Herren was the sort of upright man! Even if he initially was an upstanding gentleman, he had definitely changed when he had met with his beloved woman!

Lola frowned, and wondered why he kept asking this kind of questions that she didn't want to answer.

"Can you ask me something else?" She asked him with discontent in her words.

Harry then held her chin and raised her head and looked her in the eyes. "No! Lola, answer me, now!"

Lola sighed; she knew he would be so mean when asking for details. "He wanted to, but I refused him!" She gave him a simple and straightforward answer.

She didn't want to recall any details of such things ever happening.

"Did he force himself on you, or was it of your own willing?" The man didn't give up on his questions, and Lola got angry, and her beautiful eyes were now burning with rage. "You're asking nonsense" thought Lola.

She glanced at Harry, whose face had also darkened, and said, "If you still keep on asking me gibberish, I'll be really angry with you!" She replied in an even louder voice now.

Knowing that his wife was going to be angry, Harry softened his face, and said, "

, soon enough, he got out of the bed, and while patting Nicole, he said, "Shush, shush! Nicole, go back to sleep, daddy will feed your brother and sister."

Nicole was so sleepy that very soon she fell back asleep.

Harry then moved Sally to his wife's arms, so that she could be nursed.

But Daniel had to wait on his father to get the milk powder formula ready.

"Little brat, don't cry! Don't wake your mommy up!" Harry warned his son, and Daniel immediately stopped his crying.

Harry rushed to the baby's room and used warm water for his son's milk formula.

After about half an hour's efforts, Daniel was finally nursed and fell asleep, and then Harry went back to sleep too.

Sally hadn't been placed back to her baby cot, and Harry laid down beside Nicole.

But Daniel woke up again, just before he fell asleep. He looked at the ceiling, turned his head around, looked at the four people, and started crying again...

This time Lola woke up. "Why is my son crying?" she wondered.

She found that Sally was lying in her arms, and figured that Sally must have been hungry and that Harry had put her there.

In a haze, Lola moved her daughter aside, who was now full, and instead held Daniel in her arms. Daniel finally stopped his crying when he was breast-fed.

Eventually, the five family members slept on the wide bed together, and they didn't wake up until the sky was brightly lit.

Nicole woke first, and sat up on the bed. Dazed, she looked around the bedroom., and wondered "Why am I sleeping here?" When she saw her daddy, mommy, brother and sister all lying on the same bed, she started laughing, showing her canine teeth.

Daniel was now awake too, and at that moment, he met with his sister's eyes, babbling.

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