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   Chapter 447 Do You Still Want Your Son Back

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The man's kiss fell onto the baby's forehead, cheeks, and hair...

Looking at the lovingly heartfelt scene between father and son, Lola just stood still, lost in a daze. It seemed surreal for her to see the man, who she had missed for more than one month, suddenly appear before her eyes...

Then, while taking a second look at Daniel, who obediently sat in Harry's arms, Lola thought to herself that she must be dreaming. She remembered that Daniel cried a lot every time Harry tried to embrace him when he was a newborn child.

But now, Daniel was craving for Harry's hug. How could that be possible?

She rubbed her tear-filled red eyes and one teardrop fell to the ground. She then opened her eyes again, and saw all the people still standing in front of her.

Harry held his son in one arm, while with the other he held his wife, kissing her hard on her ruby-red lips.

With a pale face, Thomas Herren saw the whole scene and felt envious towards the couple. He didn't admire Harry's wealth and power; no, not at all. What he really envied was Lola's sincere love for him...

However, he now had not only lost Lola's love, but he might also soon lose his own life...

The gunshot wound on his leg wouldn't let him stand on his own feet anymore. He would have knelt down on the ground, but he managed to draw himself up and sit on the sofa next to him.

He felt more and more dizzy by each passing minute. Finally, he took a last glance at the woman who was smiling happily, and then fell into a coma.

Harry put his son in Joey's arms and then carried Lola out of the mansion.

Joey was bewildered when he looked at the lovely baby in his arms gazing at him.

Thomas Herren was then taken away by Harry's bodyguards and was sent to a common clinic for treatment. Harry also sent for some bodyguards to watch Herren and report to him if he woke up from his coma.

In the car, Joey sat in the front passenger's seat with Daniel in his arms, and Harry helped Lola sit on the backseat.

When Harry was about to start the car, Lola suddenly dragged Harry by his hand, and said, "Thomas Herren has a bodyguard called Chase; please, save him!"

Hearing her words, Harry frowned and stared at her. "Who's that? Has he anything to do with you?" He knew that it must be a man, judging by the name.

And he wondered why Lola had mentioned this to him. "I asked him to help me bring you the pendant, but he was discovered by Thomas Herren!"

to do this for his son.

Harry didn't even start, and meanwhile Daniel began to cry louder and louder.

He had no choice but to start. First, he took off his little trousers. Then he took off his dirty diaper, which was so smelly that Harry had to hold his nose before he threw it in the dustbin.

"You brat, your poo's even more smellier than Sally's!" thought Harry.

He then took out some wet tissues from a pack, and carefully cleaned his son.

Now, feeling much more comfortable, Daniel stopped his crying.

Lola slightly opened the bathroom's door and saw Harry's careful look. She tittered, and then went back to hug her daughters again.

Harry then filled the bathtub with lukewarm water, and put Daniel in it; he skillfully washed the baby with the shower.

All his skills had been learned when he had to look after Sally.

But, unlike Sally, who was very obedient, Daniel didn't seem to want to cooperate with Harry. His hands kept splashing the water, and his legs also kept kicking the water, which made Harry get wet.

Harry was angry and slightly patted on his little hip, but Daniel immediately cried out in a loud voice, which seemed to say that he had got a heavy punch from Harry instead of a light pat!

The bathroom was filled with noise and scream, but Lola was holding tight to her daughters in the bedroom. She had finally come back and could see her two other children! She felt it was wonderful!

Wrapping his son in a sterilized bath towel, Harry then went out of the bathroom.

All of Harry's clothes were all wet. When she saw him, Lola took her son and dressed him in the baby layette.

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