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   Chapter 446 He Wouldn't Mind Destroying Her Himself

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She then anxiously ran back to the living room, and tried to find something that could be used to fight those bastards. But she couldn't find anything suitable for the task.

Then she saw the kitchen and ran into it. She found a fruit knife in there, and while holding it in her hand, she hastily ran back to them.

She pointed the knife at herself, and said, "If you don't let him go, I'll... And then you'll all fail in your mission of keeping me safe and alive!" She pressed the knife on her neck while she was threatening the guards.

The guards exchanged bewildered glances between them; one of them first untied Chase, while another took a few steps away from the mansion and called Thomas Herren.

After a couple of minutes, the bodyguard walked back and began to search Chase.

He found Lola's pendant.

Chase looked at Lola, with the knife resting on her neck, and her determined look drawn on her face. There was a meaningful look sparkling in his eyes, and he thought, "Mrs. Si is actually a kind and good person. I will never regret my decision to help her."

When Lola saw that they found her Palaiba Tourmaline pendant, she got scared, and sternly ordered the guards, "Give it back! That's an expensive pendant, and if it's damaged, you guys would have to work a lifetime to compensate me for it!"

The bodyguard understood that this was something of great value, and he asked, "Miss Li, then please tell us since it's so expensive, why did you give it to Chase?"

"What? I've instructed him to exchange it for something else. Is that a problem? That's none of your business!" said Lola. The bodyguards were dumbfounded by the little woman's imposing manner.

At that moment she looked like an arrogant and wealthy noblewoman, her words and distinct manner of speaking leaving the guards speechless.

However, Chase was still taken away by them, and because Lola didn't know where he was being taken, she had to continue to threaten the rest of the guards. She said, "If you dare to hurt any innocent people today, I'll leave the mansion in a body bag!"

Chase was then taken to Thomas Herren's place, and the guard repeated Lola's words to him exactly. Then, the guard cautiously passed over to him Lola's expensive pendant.

Thomas Herren grabbed the pendant from the guard and felt a huge rage burning in his eyes, filling his entire being.

He remembered that this was the Palaiba Tourmaline pendant which was auctioned last year by a nobleman in America. It was said that the pendant had been bought by a Chinese with a huge price. Now, as the pendant appeared to be in Lola's hands, it was needless to say that th

aby were heard coming from inside the house, which made Harry happy, and made his heart fill with warmth and delight.

He walked a few more steps into the living room, and there he saw a woman with her back against him, comforting a baby in her arms.

The woman heard the noise coming from outside the door, but didn't care a bit about it.

Harry slowly walked towards her, and the baby suddenly stopped crying when he saw who the man was.

The baby gazed at the man with his tear-filled big eyes. Harry saw clearly the baby's face, and it was his son, Daniel Si, who he had missed for over one month!

As he came closer and closer to them Lola could feel his familiar scent, and she suspiciously turned her head around.

All of a sudden, a gunshot sound was heard, but one of the bodyguards stood in front of them to protect them.

Then some other gunshots were heard, and the mother and baby were tightly held in a familiar hug.

She then saw Harry suddenly appear in front of her, and when she looked over his shoulder, she saw Thomas Herren trying to shoot her. But a bodyguard shielded them in time, and took all the bullets for them instead. She also saw Joey drawing his own weapon and shooting Thomas Herren...

All of this happened in just a moment's time.

Joey shot Thomas Herren in his wrist, and his weapon dropped to the ground. All of the gunshots had now ceased.

A man wanted to kill Lola, while another tried to protect her...

Daniel, who was held in his mother's arms, looked at the whole scene with a peaceful look in his eyes, and then burst into a lovely laughter, and even stretched out his arms to Harry...

Being filled by the glowing warmth in his eyes, Harry took him from Lola's arms and held him tight in his arms.

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