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   Chapter 445 Harry Has Acknowledged Daniel as His Heir

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James Mo begged Harry to let his daughter go. He also promised that Yolanda would not hurt Lola anymore.

However, he never thought that Harry could be such a cruel and cold man. He refused to promise him, and instead let his men shoot his wife to death!

He despised Harry very much! He wanted to kill him!

However, he had always failed in his bold endeavors. Whenever he wanted to kill Harry, he was instantly found before he could even get close to him. He had to run away or else he would have been killed by Harry's men.

Without his wife and daughter, James Mo felt lonely. He missed them a lot...

Three days after Yolanda's death, James Mo went to Molly Wu's home. He visited his old mother-in-law and gave all of his savings to her.

Then he met his end, and drowned himself into the sea.

Yolanda's impenitence and ignorance led to the death of her entire family.

And whenever people remembered them, they despised them for all of what they had done.

At the end of January

Harry finally found Thomas Herren's whereabouts. He was in a villa located in a suburb in Crown Province, protected by dozens of guards.

But, however, Harry's men still couldn't break inside the villa, no matter how hard they tried.

Thomas Herren resigned again from his position as governor of Crown Province. He had planned to take Lola to a place where nobody knew and where nobody could ever follow them or escape.

Inside the villa

It was now time for Mrs. Zhang to go and buy groceries. She left the villa with her wallet in her hand.

Now there were only Lola and her child left in the villa. When Lola was sure that Mrs. Zhang had walked away, she held Daniel in her arms and walked to the window.

When she opened the window, she found that a guard was here. He was looking around to make sure that everything was alright.

Lola looked at him, and smiled. "Chase, I come to have a chat with you, again." Every day, at about this time, she would talk with Chase.

However, Chase was helpless. He was only a guard, and he was not permitted to talk with Lola. If he was found doing that, he would definitely be punished! Because of that he refused to turn around and reply to Lola, although he had heard her voice. Three meters away from them, there was another guard standing.

Lola did not get angry because of Chase's silence. She said, "Chase, my son and I have been here for almost a month. A whole month! It's unbelievable! We've never got out of here for a long time now, and I'm bored to death!"

Chase ignored L

m really sad. Do you know that I was also kidnapped by my aunt when I was only three months old? I lived alone for more than twenty years, and I suffered very much in those years until I finally met Harry. I loved him so much that I wanted to marry him, and to be together with him I had to overcome many difficulties and obstacles. But now..."

"Stop! Stop! Stop it right now!" Chase could not bear to hear her nagging any longer. He promised to help her. As a guard he knew that someday he might eventually die on duty, and he had made all the preparations necessary for that day!

However, he could not refuse to help someone who was in need! If he refused to do that, he was an immoral human being!

Lola was now so happy that she pretended to wipe her fake tears. She looked around with caution. Then she gave the pendant to Chase.

But, however, another guard saw it, and he told Thomas Herren what happened when Lola entered the bedroom.

Instantly, Thomas Herren commanded his men to catch Chase.

When Lola got out of the bedroom, and was about to pour some water for her son, she saw a man pressed to the ground, with his hands bound tightly to his back. It was Chase!

Lola had never thought of it! She was so shocked and she dropped the glass of water she was holding in her hands on the ground. But the glass didn't break.

"Damn it!" thought Lola. Thomas Herren was about to punish Chase! She then ran to the window, opened it, and yelled, "What are you doing? Stop! Let him go!"

A guard came near and spoke with her. "Miss Li, this is none of your business. Mr. Herren wants to have a little talk with Chase."

Lola was now worried. How did Thomas Herren find out her plan?

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