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   Chapter 444 Torture Her to Death

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"Don't worry. I will allow you to contact them when we leave here!" He had a thousand ways to make her say 'yes'! He will do whatever he can for them to be together!

Lola bit her lips in utter disgust. "I won't leave with you! Don't let me tell you that again and again! I'm getting tired of this!" She looked at him coldly and turned away to leave.

As she turned away, he knew that she hated him. She has refused him whatever he said and did to her. Well, he didn't mind making her hate him more. "It's fine if you don't want to leave. I will take Daniel away first." If she could abandon her boy for the sake of Harry, then, he'll make her suffer!

Lola stopped, her hands clenched, and she trembled with rage, "Thomas Herren, don't push me, or I'll kill you!" She really wanted to kill him now. This man has turned to be so cruel!

Thomas laughed sarcastically. "Let's see if you can do it!" Many people wanted to kill him, yet he was still alive. He didn't believe that he would die at her hands! He knew she doesn't have what it takes.

Lola was so angry that she went back to her bedroom without saying a word to him again.

When she saw Mrs. Zhang about to pick up Daniel, Lola shouted loudly, "Get out! Don't touch my boy!" She would not spend another minute with this disdainful woman!

She once begged Mrs. Zhang to send a message to Harry for her, but she not only denied it. She betrayed her and told it to Thomas!

Seeing how furious Lola was, Mrs. Zhang just went out of the bedroom.

SL Group

Joey was reporting the latest updates on the investigation. "Thomas Herren seems to have the intention to quit, and he has not returned to the apartment for a while. He has been going elsewhere all the time. He can always get rid of us."

Harry was lost in his thought. Thomas Herren wanted to quit? And he was hiding his movements. They could not trace it. That was not normal.

"Place our people to him. Figure out where he has been lately." He found out that Thomas was also in the United States on the day that Lola went missing.

If it was really him, he would never be soft-hearted. He has been obsessed with Lola for a long tim

face was not glossy and smooth anymore. Instead, it was covered with wrinkles and scars. The dark circles on her eyes and the bruises on the corners of her mouth almost made her faint.

She knew that all these were just the way of the universe to pay back for all the wrong deeds she did before...

"Yolanda, our leader wants to see you!" A loud female voice rang, followed by the ridicules and sneers of other people.

They all knew why their leader wanted to see Yolanda. He would either do it himself, or send her to the male prisoners next door.

Thinking of those male prisoners, Yolanda began to tremble, and the fear in her heart caused her to almost collapse again.

Only she knew that every time she went to him, she was risking her life.

'Harry Si, where are you? I know I was wrong now. Please let me go!'

She bowed her head bitterly, shouting in her heart. Who could save her...

She still went to him. However, she never came back this time.

It was already January and everyone was celebrating the New Year. The former international superstar Yolanda Mo completely disappeared in this world.

It was said from the news that she had AIDS and died of bleeding.

Her death met Harry's expectations and he had no response at all.

But it had been a long time before that Lola knew about Yolanda's death...

James had already fled to a small village on the border of Green Cold Country when he heard of it.

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