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   Chapter 443 He Won't Let You Go

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7165

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It must mean that Thomas loved her so much...

The bedroom door was opened before she could respond. Thomas appeared at the door, panting slightly. He was in a bit of panic already.

He looked at Cherry coldly. "Miss Jiao, I didn't know you can threaten my bodyguard. I never gave you that privilege!"

He called her Miss Jiao... He called her wife in such a formal manner. Lola was a bit surprised. She was really confused now. If Thomas didn't love Cherry, why did he marry her in the first place? He's just wasting his time!

Then she stared in astonishment as Thomas pulled Cherry into his study and slammed the door shut.

The sleeping Daniel was disturbed by the noise. Fortunately, he just turned over and fell asleep again.

Lola lovingly patted her little boy. She had no idea if Cherry would help her or not. She hoped she would...

In the study

Thomas took out a pile of A4 paper from the drawer and banged it on the desk, "Sign it! Now!" He looked indifferently at the very terrified woman.

Cherry saw that "Divorce Agreement" were printed on the paper. She saw it clearly.

Tears instantly blurred her eyes. They had been married for less than a year...

She shook her head gently. "I don't want to... divorce you. Please don't do this..." How could he do such a shameful thing?

"You have no choice. I have already signed it, and you'd better sign it soon! I don't love you, Cherry!" Thomas' voice sounded so cold that Cherry, who didn't quite understand him, felt that he was becoming a man she didn't know. He was acting so strange.

He put his palm on the doorknob. Cherry started to speak in a calm voice. "If you insist on divorcing me, then I will tell Harry Si that his wife is here." 'Sorry Lola, I can't help you.'

Thomas gripped the doorknob tightly, but he did not turn it. Suddenly, he turned around and walked up to her. "You want to bargain with me?"

"Mr. Herren, let it go! You are not Harry Si's match. You cannot beat him!" Lola Li and her son are popular in the public. They couldn't be hidden for a lifetime and would be exposed in the sight of everyone sooner or later.

At that t

t see his expression.

She took the opportunity, climbed down from the bed, stood in front of him, and warned him, "Thomas, if you dare touch me again, I won't mind beating the hell out of you!" He knew she had jumped into the sea and off a building. Nothing will scare her anymore.

Thomas also stood up from the bed, faced her, and asked her calmly, "Do you really love him that much?" She even used her own life to protect her purity!

"Yes! I love him!" Lola looked straight into his eyes and answered him without hesitation.

She really loved Harry, just as he loved her.

"Great!" Thomas put on a smirk again. "I will take you away from Crown Province and from A Country, and go to a place where everyone won't recognize us!" They would be together forever. He would not let go of her.

... Lola was speechless. Thomas was a high-ranking official. Why was he risking his image just because of her? How did he conduct state affairs like this when he was a president? His emotions always got the better of his mind!

When did he have the idea of taking her out of here? She didn't want to go with him. If she did so, she couldn't see Harry for a lifetime. No way that he will be going with him!

She tried to change her strategy. "You took me away and trapped me here. Did you ever think about my family? They will be so worried by now." It was not wise to mention Harry, for it would only increase his anger.

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