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   Chapter 441 He Would Put Faith in Lola’s Love for Him

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7065

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But after recognizing who this person was, she didn't feel guilty anymore.

"I don't care." Thomas Herren looked at the cute baby. Having a cute child with Lola was what he has always dreamed about.

Lola closed her eyes and said, "Send my child home. Then I will go with you." But she didn't plan to obey her promise. No way that was happening.

Thomas Herren just smirked, "Lola, I know you." He already thought about his future with Lola over and over again. He has predicted what Lola would do.

If she would stay with him, he would buy a house in Crown Province and live a happy life with her.

"Thomas, what should you do if Harry knew about what you're doing?" Lola asked helplessly. She looked at him, regretting that she stopped Harry from killing him. It was a crying shame. A cruel man like him should not live in this world.

"He won't know if you don't tell him. It's easy as that." Thomas replied briefly. He didn't care what Harry would think.

"What about me? Do you even care about me?" Lola said in obvious remorse.

Abandoning her husband and having an affair with another man would always be a shameful thing to do.

She would never be able to divorce with Harry. Harry would say no. Always no.

"You know I always think of you. You can divorce with him and stay with me. I love you more than he does." He comforted her sweetly. He gave all his love to Lola.

Lola interrupted him, "Herren, please let me go. I can't accept your love. Your love should belong to your wife but not me. I'm a married woman. Please think about what you're saying." She tried to change his mind.

"Don't say that. I have made a decision. I will spend some weeks in America. If you miss your child, I will call someone to pick you up." He already knew that she was on the plane for America.

"What? Are you stalking me? How did you know about this?" Lola said with a surprised expression on her face. That was unbelievable. How could he spy on her? Was that even legal?

Thomas Herren smiled again, "Honey, I'm not watching you. I'm protecting you. I won't let Harry hurt you again. He is not a

de world.

The door was opened and Thomas went inside. But Lola didn't even look up at him when he came in.

He handed his coat to the nanny and gazed at Lola with deep passion, "My little Lola." He whispered sweetly.

He was so happy because he could see her every day.

His disgusting words interrupted Lola's meditation. Back then, Harry liked to call her "little Lola".

But she was disappointed that it was Thomas who said it this time around.

Lola ignored him and went inside her own bedroom with Daniel in her arms.

Sensing her cold manner, Thomas was a little upset. He sincerely hoped that she could accept his love.

He followed her and stood there staring at her with gentle eyes. Lola put Daniel to bed and covered him with a blanket to keep him warm.

He embraced her from behind, smelling her wonderful aroma, a very special fragrance.

Lola closed her eyes and pulled herself away from his arms, "Mr. Herren. You look tired already. Go to bed early." She said politely. She was afraid of him. She was afraid of what he can do to her son.

She was worried that maybe someday he would force her to sleep with him.

She wanted to escape·. Where was Harry...

But nobody knew her location. Herren also employed a security team to look out for her every minute. She could not run away.

He put his arm on her shoulder and kissed her lips, "Go to bed early, sweetheart."

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