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   Chapter 440 Lola Was in Despair

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6334

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"I'm not going anywhere! Harry, I hate you!" Harry ignored her complaints and pressed the button after she had left.

With a loud blare, the wall with a crack on it opened.

The first thing they saw was a capital 'G'. On looking further, they saw a road leading away from the wall.

Martin was the first one to be found and tied up. He was very angry.

He had spent several months in the secret room, but Harry had found it!

Suddenly, a person came out from the side and aimed his gun at Harry.

Harry ducked to avoid the shot. The bullet missed him and ricocheted off the wall behind him.

However, the man didn't stop shooting and Harry had to keep ducking to avoid being shot at. Just when it was getting out of hand, the foreign girl took out a gun and shot the man.

Finally, free from the assaults of the man, Harry opened another door in the room allowing several people to enter.

When Harry and the other people looked around the room, they were shocked.

They saw hundreds of glass bottles around the room. The bottles had human organs!

The amount of human organs found in Lola's auntie's house was far less than what could be seen in this villa.

Harry saw eyeballs soaked in formalin liquid. He also saw kidneys, human hands, hearts, tongues and ears soaked in bottles everywhere.

The most disturbing were the several babies found floating in the glass columns. He went closer and checked. They were definitely babies! Harry became a little worried. He noticed that all the babies had blonde hair. "I am lucky, my baby is not here..." he thought and immediately felt guilty.

High up, Harry saw several suspended bottles containing human heads. Many missing people were here. Alas, they were all dead!

Harry and his team felt as if their souls had been wrenched out. The scene shocked and perturbed them. Seeing that no one was paying atte

ck Herren's number. He picked up on the first ring.

"Where are you? Are you in America?" Lola anxiously asked him.

Were the guys who took away Daniel sent by him? When did Thomas Herren become so bad? she thought inwardly.

"It's not important to know where I am. Lola, I want you to pay heed to my request. Otherwise, you will never see your son again." He had to force her to promise. If she agreed, he would do everything for her.

He turned to Martin to ask him to get her baby.

Lola bit her lip tightly. Then she screamed at him, "Thomas Herren, you are married! I'm married, too! I don't want to talk about it anymore!" Why did he keep forcing her to cheat on her husband!

"You needn't talk about it. It will be more helpful if you divorce him. But I won't force you to divorce him as long as you stay with me!" said Thomas in a calm and reasoning voice. All he wanted was her!

Lola sat on the sofa in despair. She had thought she would now live a happy life with Harry after so much had happened...

"But why? Don't make me hate you, Thomas!" She said resentfully.

She usually liked to believe that Herren was a good friend. And she felt guilty about his affection for her because she hadn't chosen to stay with him in the end.

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