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   Chapter 439 Ask Her to Call Me Daddy

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6934

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Thomas Herren was definitely threatening her! How could he do that! Had she misread him?

After a long pause, Sally eventually fell asleep; then Lola's phone rang. At first, she didn't answer the phone, but when it ringed again for a second time, she realized she had to.

"Hello." She answered sluggishly. How could she ever think of leaving Harry when she had been so accustomed to living life with him?

Harry had received more information about their son, and so he called Lola to comfort her. But, however, he felt that something was wrong with her when she spoke.

"What's wrong with you?" he asked. He asked her confused. "Is she worried about our son?" he wondered.

Lola silently shook her head, but realized that Harry wasn't there, near her. "I'm fine. What's the matter?"

She didn't sound so fine. She felt different compared to the other days before.

However, Harry didn't bring up the subject. "Today is the Chinese New Year's Eve, and I'm sorry that I'm not at home with you. Honey, I miss you very, very much." He remembered about the accident they had on the first New Year Festival after they were married.

Tears came streaming down on her cheeks from her eyes when she heard his words.

"It doesn't matter. Is there any news about our son?" She wanted to hear more from Harry.

Harry thought about it, and said, "Tomorrow we'll make our move." Martin's actions had betrayed him, and they decided that they would break into his house to look for his son.

"Tomorrow?" Lola saw a glimpse of hope. Maybe she could fight him. Thomas Herren might have lied to her!

"Yes! That's it! Take care of yourself and be careful!" Harry was in America alone, and Joey was not there with him. Lola was worried about him.

Harry laughed, and said, "Okay, honey, I will take good care of myself. Where's Sally? Ask her to call me daddy!"

... Lola said, "Sally is asleep now, and besides, she can't call you daddy even if she were awake!" Deep inside, she had decided to save her son with all costs.

"Okay. I'm going to call Nicole

ry sized up the room carefully, and suddenly he found a crack in the wall. It was very difficult to see it.

"A crack?" Even though the house was pretty old, there shouldn't be a crack in the wall there. It didn't make any sense. And besides, it was a long and straight crack.

Harry walked around the room and found a button on the table beside the bed. It was a little different from the other camera buttons. He walked towards it and was just about to press it when, suddenly, a woman shouted from outside. "Who's there?"

The familiar voice shocked Harry in an instant. "Relax! It's me! Don't shoot!"

"They found me so quickly! Too bad!" she thought.

When Harry heard her voice, he felt at the same time very worried and anxious. "Take my wife as far away as possible! How did she even come here? It's too dangerous for her! She should not be here!"

"No!" Lola got rid of the blond girl and then rushed towards Harry.

Harry hugged her tightly, and then kissed her long hair. "Honey, why are you here?" he asked. "Who told her that I was here?"

Lola replied, "I'm here to save our son!" She couldn't stay at home because she was too worried.

Harry looked her and smiled. "Someone take my wife from here as far away as possible!" He sounded very cold, and in an instant, from the moment that he saw her there, he had already made his mind to take her away.

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