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   Chapter 438 Where is Daniel

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In the dark, Harry lovingly wiped her tears. She must be worried sick about their son's safety. "Don't cry. Daniel will be fine! He is not their target! They will keep him safe!"

Lola sobbed heavily and just nodded. She hoped they wouldn't harm their little baby.

Next morning.

Lola didn't sleep well at all. At the very moment that she was about to sleep, Sally cried. So, she got up immediately.

She looked at the empty bed. "Is Harry gone already?" Lola thought. She had no idea when he left.

Looking at the watch, it was already 7 in the morning.

She got out of the bed and nursed her crying daughter.

Her daughter looked the same as her son. Lola whispered, "Sally, tell mom. Where is your brother? Do you know where he is right now?"

However, Sally couldn't answer her question. She focused on crying out loud.

Harry arrived in America at around 8 o'clock and directly went to Martin's university. Martin originally studied in a famous university in Los Angeles. But he transferred to a common university when his family's wealth declined.

Harry met Martin in the president's office. His classmate asked him to come here.

He wore a grey and red shirt and a pair of jeans. He looked like an ordinary man with his brush cut hair.

The misfortune that happened to his family didn't bother him at all.

However, the more common he looked, the more complicated he was.

"Martin?" Harry asked the headmaster to leave so he could have a private conversation with Martin.

Martin nodded and pushed his black glasses frame, "Sir, what's wrong?"

"Sir?" Harry didn't expect that. He observed his expression carefully, "Why aren't you living in the university?"

Martin looked at Harry with distrust, "Is there a problem with that? Who are you? "

Harry looked at him and smiled coldly, "My son is missing." He wouldn't let off any expression on Martin's face.

Martin looked even more confused, "You got the wrong person. I have nothing to do with your son's disappearance. Why are you here?"

Instead of being an

and stay with me!"


Lola became very quiet. "What did he mean by that?" She was in a shock.

"Herren, you know that both of us are married!" She reminded him. How can he forget that he is already married, too?

Thomas Herren smirked, "Lola, the reason why I married that woman is because of Yolanda. She framed me! You are the only one that I love! You know that!" Always...


"Herren... Can you give me another option? The life of a baby is at stake in here." She wanted Herren to change his conditions. She was a little worried and anxious now.

"No. That is the only condition I ask of you! Take it or leave it." His eyes became red. She never knew that.. when he saw their wedding picture and their display of affection, he wanted to kill her.

He would like to kill her if he couldn't get her. He would not let her be happy in someone else's company.

Since Lola was silent and her daughter was crying, Thomas Herren said again, "I'll give you time to think about it. Tell me about your decision tomorrow morning."

Then, he hung up. After a pause, he called the secretary, "Do what you can do to get that child for me!"

Even if Lola hated or cursed him for his threat, he didn't care at all. All he wanted was her.

After the call, Lola threw the phone onto the sofa and held her daughter tightly. She was bewildered and scared.

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