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   Chapter 437 Our Daniel is Missing

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He would raise the child first and torture Lola slowly. That's how he'll do it.

"Although she knows that her son is alive, she can't find him! This is the best plan to make Lola suffer!" Martin laughed and took away the baby. Daniel opened his eyes, looked at the stranger and continued sleeping.

Next afternoon

In Harry's office at the SL Group of Companies, Joey knocked at the door and didn't know how to speak to the man who was standing motionlessly by the window.

"Say what you have to say, Joey." Harry said without looking back at him. He was thinking where his son was.

"Harry..." Joey paused for a while. "Jemmy was found dead in America."

The room was silent. Jemmy's death meant they had lost all clues.

At that moment, Harry was sure that Jemmy must be the person who took away his son.

"Investigate his death. Find out if there was foul play." Now, C Country and America would be the key-point of his investigation.

Harry couldn't conceal the disappearance of his son from Lola any longer. Therefore, he needed to find their son before she found out about the truth.

However, when Harry decided to go to America by himself, Lola knew about everything that happened.

At the Manor

Lola looked at her phone blankly. What did she hear from the phone just now? They had abducted her son? Would she never see her son again?

"Isn't Daniel in the old house?" Last night, Kevin told her that he was asleep when she called.

She tried to call back the number, but it was suddenly not in service.

She withheld the panic and despair inside her and called Harry.

"Harry..." Lola managed to speak his name in a normal tone.

"Honey." Harry felt something was bothering her. He has a bad feeling about this!

"Where is Daniel? Tell me. Honestly." After this, she held her breath and hoped that the previous call was a just a prank to her.

Harry sped up and drove to the manor. "Honey, I'll be at home within ten minutes. Wait for me!"

"No! Tell me where is my son!" Suddenly, she spoke loudly. She desperately wanted Ha

d the stress of losing a child was overwhelming her.

Harry couldn't help but laugh and almost agreed with her, "Honey, let's go to sleep first."

"Sleep? No. I don't want to sleep at all! Daniel is missing. I can't sleep! You know that!" She stared at him in frustration and dismay.

Harry moved Sally's cradle to the bedroom and Lola followed him.

Looking at Nicole who was asleep, she went back to the bedroom.

After putting her daughter to bed, Lola went to bed too. Harry turned off the bedside lamp and slept beside her.

He held her head up and let her sleep under his arm.

"The New Year is coming! How can Daniel be missing?! It's a disgrace, especially for this time of the year." Lola slept in his arms and whispered.

If the child couldn't be found in the two days, how could they spend the New Year Festival happily?

Harry hugged her tightly, "Honey, don't worry. I'll find Daniel soon and bring him back home!" Although he preferred Nicole and Sally, he still loved Daniel because he was their son.

Lola nodded, "Honey, our child will be fine, right?" However, she read a lot of sad stories about lost children on the internet. They said the human traders would break the children's legs and arms and make them beg in the streets... She was really scared.

Tears streamed down her face. Lola prayed they wouldn't do any harm to her little baby!

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