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   Chapter 436 The Security System Has Been Hacked

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Harry rubbed his eyebrows wearily before answering, "Grandfather missed Daniel, so I sent him over for several days. You don't have to worry."

His assurance finally set Lola at ease. "Did you bring milk powder and other things that Daniel needs?" Her breast milk was not enough for two kids, so the twin were basically bottle-fed.

"We have brought all we need. You just stay at home and look after Sally. Don't leave the house unless you have to." He has sent guards to Nicole's school to keep her safe and sound.

He had planned to hire professors to teach Nicole at home, but home-based education was not good for a child's growth. He wanted Nicole to grow up happily, so he didn't put this idea into practice. Nicole needed to have friends.

"What happened on the old house? Why did you suddenly leave?"

'Was this Harry's excuse to give Yolanda a break because he still loved her?', Lola pondered this in her mind.

"No big deal. The problem has been solved. Yolanda and Nael have been imprisoned. Don't overthink it." What was waiting for them behind the bars was no better than what Harry had done to them.

They were imprisoned? That relieved the stress off Lola. She didn't need to worry about security problems then. She thought Yolanda was the only one that wanted to have her killed. Now that Yolanda was gone, she could live with Harry and the children in peace. But she was too naive.

She didn't know her son has been abducted by other people, not Yolanda.

After hanging up, Harry leaned on the seat and tried to think and straighten out the whole incident.

After a while, he arrived at the manor while Joey was investigating in the criminal scene with detectives and police.

The security system in the mansion has been hacked. For half an hour, the CCTV footage were all blank.

Harry looked at the broken security net sullenly. His opponents seemed pretty powerful this time. They were smart. Just when he and Lola left the manor, they broke in. So they must have been here for quite some time.

But it should have nothing to do with Yolanda. For she didn't have the money to hire such a group.

Besides, there must be a professional hacker in their team. That's how they hacked into his

Nicole quite well. Then the child that Lola cared most must be this boy.

He grinned and smirked in an evil way. "My parents and my sister are in such tragic state all because of Lola... She ruined my family!" He would show Lola how it felt to have her family ruined.

Everybody in the team shivered at his creepy smile. They knew Martin might be young, but he was far more sophisticated than them.

"What should I do now, Mr. Martin?" Jemmy said impatiently. He was scared that Harry might find out what he did. He has been hunted all over the world by Harry. He needed a place to hide. Last time in Mando Bay, he was almost beaten to death.

Martin shifted his eyes from Daniel and put him on the table. Then during Jemmy's unguarded moment, he took out the gun with the silencer which he had prepared in the morning and shot Jemmy's head. Jemmy died on the spot.

'He couldn't even kill Lola. What's the use of him? He was incompetent.' Martin thought in his mind.

Jemmy could hardly believe the man that killed him was the vice chief of the team, the team he had been working for three years.

He collapsed on the ground with eyes wide open.

The African man was already familiar with the scene. He knew many people have been slaughtered by Martin. That's exactly why they hid underground.

Then Martin threw the gun into the drawer and said to the assistant beside him, "Where is the child's nurse? Send the child over and keep him quiet. Drug him if necessary."

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