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   Chapter 435 Daniel Has Been Taken Away

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After hanging up, Harry called Joey, "My son is in trouble. You look into what is happening now."

"What about the old house?" Joey was already feeling so much pressure. Today was really a rough day----two big things happened at the same time.

"I will arrive at the old house soon. You just focus on searching for the baby." Search for the baby? Joey understood how serious the thing was. He jumped into the car and rushed to the manor.

Harry told the driver to speed up some more. Several minutes later, the car arrived at the door of the old house.

There were police cars all over the place. Kevin was negotiating with the chief police officer.

At the sight of Harry, they gathered towards him. "Father, how are things going now?" Harry asked his father. Kevin was sweating profusely.

Kevin answered worriedly, "Molly was crazy. She put a knife on your grandfather's neck. The nurses looking after grandfather were injured. Now she abducted your grandfather in the room."

Then another car pulled over, from which a woman was pushed out. Her hair was in a mess, her clothes in rags.

Instantly, she captured a lot of attention. Yolanda collapsed on the ground, her face becoming so pale.

Her body was covered with lots of bruises and wounds. Then the two guards brought her in front of Harry.

"Bring her in. Put her into the pavilion." From grandfather's window, Molly could see the pavilion clearly.

Yolanda was brought there, her daughter who she missed so much. Everyone rushed to the yard where the pavilion was.

A large number of police were positioned around the corners while some were trying to negotiate with Molly through the window on the second floor.

Molly instantly saw her daughter's pitiful look and knew that she was tormented and even tortured. Tears streamed down her face. Ah, her miserable daughter. She should have taken care of her even more...

"Molly, do you know what Yolanda has done? Do you know what a person she has become?" Harry's grandfather asked calmly while sitting on his wheelchair.

Molly shook her head and shouted, "I don't care what she has done. She is my daughter. No matter what she did, she will always be my daughter. My baby." Yolanda was the daughter she has always been so proud of.

All of their agony was because of Harry. It was his video that insulted and abused them in front of

as the other baby? There was only one of the twins.

"Mrs. Du, where is Daniel?" She asked curiously. Was Daniel sleeping upstairs?

Lola then held Sally up in her arms. Mrs. Du took a deep breath, suppressed her turmoil of feelings inside and answered as Harry has ordered, "Daniel has been taken to the old house."

To the old house? Lola was confused. She asked, "Why would he suddenly go to the old house?"

Mrs. Du stuttered, "Maybe... Maybe Boss Si wants to... Let Daniel spend more time with... with his great-grandfather." She didn't know how to make it through. She had to make up a valid reason and flee from Lola's sight.

Mrs. Du's words made Lola even more puzzled. She didn't know why Harry didn't tell her about any of that. Besides, Mrs. Du seemed very worried and upset. She seemed to be hiding something. Then Lola decided to call Harry and ask him.

She took Sally to the second floor and put her on the bed. She dialed Harry's number.

Harry just put several calls through. The his phone rang again. Seeing the caller ID, he almost dropped the phone in panic. It was Lola.

But he had to hide the fact from her as long as possible. He didn't want to make Lola worried and scared. "Honey."

His voice seemed normal. Lola moved Sally's diaper to the right place. "Daniel has been sent to the old house? Why didn't you tell me?" She asked.

"Yes." He answered in a simple manner.. But Lola felt something different in his tone.

"Why did you suddenly send him there?", she added. The twins usually stayed together. Something was going on here.

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