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   Chapter 434 Something Bad Happened In The Manor

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7151

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Nael gazed enviously at the couple who were always displaying affection in public. They reminded him of his ex-wife. He also loved his ex-wife very much before, but then Yolanda came and stole his heart.

Harry's harsh and cold eyes scared Nael. He began to tremble uncontrollably. He knew what would be waiting for him when he agreed to kill as Yolanda has instructed him. His feelings for that woman totally blinded him. But when the moment of judgment really came, he still chickened out. He thought he was ready.

He shouldn't have fallen for Yolanda and agreed to do such things for her.

"Boss Si... I was forced to do this. I am really sorry." Nael stuttered and explained. He hoped things would turn around. He would be happy enough to just keep his life. He'll do anything for Harry Si.

He was forced? Harry stood up coldly, walked towards Nael and then stood still in front of him.

He looked at him domineeringly and asked, "Forced by whom? Don't dare to lie to me again." His voice was cold and intimidating like a devil coming from hell.

Then there came Yolanda's screaming and howling. It was eerie and sickening. But everyone turned a deaf ear to it.

Lola, on the other hand, was having so much pity for Nael. She saw his wife once in D City.

At that day, everyone was shooting for a scene and a plump woman in pink dress came for Nael. His wife was so cute with her chubby face, leaving quite a good impression on Lola.

She sent Nael a lunch box she had prepared especially for him. They were so happy together back then.

Nael also looked so happy at that time. But their love dissipated as timed passed by. It was almost always the case for couples.

But the culprit was Nael's lust for a pretty woman. Telling from his frightened eyes, he must be very regretful now.

But regret was of no use. It does not make sense now. After everything he did, his wife would never come back to him.

He deserved such punishment. He deserved to die.

Without hearing what Nael has said, Harry kicked hard on his chest. Nael painfully laid down on the ground like a mess. The pain made it hard

ooked at him anxiously.

But Harry didn't have much time to explain. He consoled her, "The only thing you need to do now is to take care of our children."

Their babies? Were they in danger? That made Lola concerned. She could think about nothing else but her babies, so she nodded.

"Mrs. Si, this way." The guard led Lola to another car.

Half way there, Harry's phone rang again. "Boss Si, something bad happened in the manor." On the other side of the phone came Tom's worried voice, together with Mrs. Du's sobbing.

He had a bad feeling. "Spit it out!"

"The security system in the manor has been hacked, then... Then..." Tom didn't know how to put it to words.

"Tell me!" Harry's cold voice made Tom scared. He spitted out what happened in one breath.

"Boss Si, then some people broke in and took Master Daniel away. They wore bullet-proof hats and clothes. Our shots all bounced back..."

Harry closed his eyes in distress. His grandfather had been abducted; and now his son was taken away... When he opened his eyes again, they have turned red with hatred and sorrow.

The phone then became eerily quiet. Just when Tom was wondering whether Harry would speak again, he heard Harry's calm voice. "Lola will arrive at the manor soon. You tell her that the baby has been brought to the old house. Tell the others to say the same thing. She shouldn't know that this happened."

"Okay, Boss Si."

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