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   Chapter 433 We Have Found Clues on the Masked Man

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6834

Updated: 2018-08-09 15:59

"Sweetie. It's already late at night!" Harry passionately kissed Lola on the lips.

In the SL Group

Harry quietly listened to Joey tell him what happened ever since Lola posted the video about Yolanda on Twitter. The video had been clicked and viewed a thousand times already. Lola's nickname was Cola I'm Sprite. Numerous people followed and mentioned her in such a short span of time.

The Mo Family and the Wu Family in Weier City have both declined to participate in this issue. No one would help Yolanda address and solve this thing. So it was gaining traction so quickly on Twitter and the comments on Yolanda's last post have reached one million.

After Joey reported the situation on Twitter, he said another important thing, "Boss, we have found clues on the masked man." They finally got some clues after innumerable trails and hardships.

Harry was suddenly on the alert and stared at Joey. Although Joey has been with Harry every day, he was startled by Harry's reaction this time around.

Harry was like a lion that was about to roar at any time. Joey could not help but shiver a little. "We have asked the people and the stores around the hotel for many times."

When that incident happened, several old people playing chess under a nearby tree refused to disclose anything at the beginning in fear that they would be involved in trouble.

But one of them told Joey something after he gave him a lot of money and ensured his safety.

They did not see a masked man but a tall man with short hair after the shooting. He wore a plain black shirt, and a pair of jeans. It was unfortunate though that the old man did not see his shoes.

That man climbed the wall on which CCTVs could not cover. He hurriedly threw a black object into the trash can and drove away from the scene with a black Volkswagen.

But the Volkswagen did not have a license plate number and looked old. A sticker named "New Driver" was on it.

Then, Joey investigated all CCTVs of the crossroads in the city based on the clues provided by that

guards inside the boat were not really handsome-looking. Lola raised her finger with the diamond watch given by Harry. She pointed to the guards. She ordered the plain looking men and sarcastically said, "You guys can have sex with her. And then bring her out."

Yolanda once forced five men try to rape Lola. Lola was angry, so she just ordered eight people!

The woman stared at Lola with fear and shouted, "Lola Li, you cannot do this! Harry, please help me! This is outrageous! ... Ah! Let me go! Harry, please help me...Please..."

Several men dragged her to the bedroom. Harry ignored her frantic shouting.

Lola also did not pay attention to Yolanda and just stared at the man beside her, "Are you heartbroken now?"

Harry heard it and said, "Sweetie, how can you say that? I don't feel anything." He wanted the woman to die as she had killed his child and attempted to kill his wife.

"If you're angry, I cannot see it in your face." She provoked Harry on purpose. Well, he once had Yolanda -- a shameless woman!

Harry held her hand reassuringly, "Lola, don't be naughty. We need to solve this thing first!"

"You mean I'm acting up, don't you?" She disconnectedly pouted. She was indeed angry to see his ex-girlfriend!

Harry could not help but grin. Then, he turned cold again and said, "This man on the ground has killed my mother!"

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