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   Chapter 432 I'm Waiting for My Darling to Take Revenge

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7133

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"Is this the Li Family? We have kidnapped Landon Li. If you want to save him, give us your ancestral pocket watch. Otherwise, we will kill him, " said a processed voice from the other end of the phone. Harold was furious.

He sternly said, "We can negotiate on anything, but you will be at your own risk if Landon is hurt."

Hearing Harold's harsh tone and words, Jordan, Angie and Wendy guessed that something terrible had happened to Landon. They were sure that he had been kidnapped.

"Deal. As long as you give us the pocket watch, he will certainly be safe. But you should reach the Western Hill suburb with the pocket watch within two hours. Otherwise, I can easily break my own promise!" Saying this and laughing in a weird manner, the kidnapper hung up.

Harold told Jordan what the kidnapper had said in detail and they discussed the rescue plan.

Angie sat close to Wendy, held her hand and comforted her, "Don't worry. Landon will be safe as Harold and Jordan will try their best to rescue him."

Holding Colin in her arms, Wendy anxiously looked at Jordan making one call after another. Though she was very apprehensive, she nodded at Angie.

She was concerned about the safety of both Landon and Jordan since the plan required Jordan to go to the pre-decided location.

Half an hour later, after having made all the preparations, Jordan set off with Harold, leaving a nervous Wendy behind.

When Harold and Jordan reached the Western Hill suburb, Harold's phone rang. It was from the manor.

"Harold, the kidnappers said that only one person should walk into the forest park and that he should not have a weapon. Their person has been waiting there." Angie passed on the message. She sighed as she realized that more and more people were coveting the ancestral pocket watch.

In fact, the ancestral pocket watch was with Lola. Harold and Jordan had gone to the Western Hill suburb without it. Jordan had learnt his lesson from Lucy Wei's case, so he had arranged for helicopters and snipers to reach ahead of them.

Then, because Jordan insisted, Harold allowed him to go to the gate of the forest park

u just let her go like that?" When she was fighting for her life in the hospital, was Yolanda enjoying her life? If this was true, she would kill Harry first.

Harry took Lola in his arms and said, "My darling. Please don't be mad. It was impossible for me to let her go. I will find out where she is and take you there to take your revenge."

Lola knew that Harry would not have let Yolanda get away with what she had done. She shook off his arms and asked, "Tell me what you did to her?" Had he punished Yolanda personally in a special way? Lola wondered.

Harry looked at Lola's curious face and frowned, "Sweetie. Don't take it in the wrong light." Then he simply told Lola what he had done.

Lola felt relieved. She gave him a thumbs-up and said, "Good job!" He had left Yolanda for Lola to torture.

Yolanda had killed their second baby. And now, Harry had made her abort her child. It was tit for tat. Lola seemed to think of something and took out her phone.

She registered a new account on Twitter, selected a video and pressed the upload button.

Worried that no one would see it, she spent some money to promote it. She wanted at least a million people to see this video.

Harry looked at her uploading the video and knew what it was about from its cover. He felt helpless as he could not stop her.

He was surprised that she still had the video. Then he grabbed her phone and switched it off.

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