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   Chapter 431 His Son Had Grabbed Lola From Him

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Harry smiled gently and replied, "Okay. Come on. I will wait for you." Then he closed the door with a loud "bang".

If he attempted to take away Lola from him, he would think of thousands of ways to make him recede.

Coming back to Lola, Harry felt relieved. "Are you thirsty, Honey?" He lovingly asked Lola.

Lola made a face and complained. "You just drove away a handsome man. I am in no mood to drink anything."

Harry got closer to her without feeling ashamed. "Honey, I'm also very handsome. In fact, a thousand times more handsome than Chuck. Don't you think so?" He bragged with self-pride.

He touched Lola's face with affection. She had finally come to life.

Seeing Harry's strange behavior today, she couldn't help laughing out loud. "Why are you behaving like this. You make me want to beat you."

Harry sighed in his heart. His Lola's spirit was back! Nothing could have made him happier. He smiled and asked her again, "Are you thirsty. I can bring some water for you."

Lola nodded. Harry fetched a bottle of water. He held the straw so that she could drink it comfortably.

Lola stayed in the hospital for another three days. She was really missing the babies. She threatened Harry and then begged him to take her home. He finally gave in and decided to take her home.

Harry asked Chuck to thoroughly check Lola. Chuck said that he was satisfied with her recovery and that there were no problem in taking her home. But at home she had to take care of her incision and eat food which would help her replenish the lost blood.

Reassured, Harry took Lola to the mansion. They got out of the car. Lola was wrapped firmly in thick clothes. Harry carried her upstairs.

As soon as they reached the second floor, they heard the bright laughter of Kevin.

Lola urged Harry to put her down. She quickened her steps. She could not wait to see her babies. Inside the room, Kevin was playing with and teasing the babies.

When he saw Lola enter the room, he immediately walked up to her, "How are you now, Lola? Is the incision still painful?" he asked with concern.

She shook her head and answered, "I am good. No pain at all."

Her gaze then settled on the two cute babies. These were her twin babies. Just a few days old and they were so lovely!

The babies stared at Lola with their big eyes.

Seeing the scene, Kevin left the room, closing the door behind him. Now, it was only Harry, Lola and the babies inside the room.

Harry held Lola's waist. He felt so proud of Lola...his wife, the mother of h

to find him.

Jordan frowned at her words. Grandpa was not such a person who would go out for the entire afternoon without informing his family.

"Oh! Don't worry, Wendy. Let me call Grandpa Wang and other people to ask whether they know where Grandpa is."

After hanging up the phone, Jordan immediately called several of his Grandpa's old comrade-in-arms. But none of them had seen Landon that afternoon.

Grandpa Liu, who had met Landon to play chess that day, informed Jordan that he had left his place at around four in the afternoon.

Jordan then dialed the driver's number. Even his number was switched off. By now, Jordan had started feeling uneasy. He realized that something was wrong.

He then called Harold. He had to wait a long while before Harold picked up the phone.

"What's the matter? I'm very busy now." It was rare for Jordan to call, so Harold understood that it must be something important.

"Grandpa Landon is gone. We can't reach him. And his driver is missing, too. Their cell phones are switched off." Jordan told his father while walking towards the parking lot. He must go home now.

Harold also left immediately after he heard the news.

Half an hour later, Harold and his wife, as well as Jordan reached home.

Wendy held the baby in her arms. She saw the three people arriving home at the same time. She sensed that something might have happened.

"What's up?" Wendy raised her head and asked Jordan.

Jordan was about to answer when the landline started ringing. The harsh jingling of the phone instantly drew everyone's attention.

They exchanged worried looks with each other. Harold went to pick up the phone.

"Hello, Li family."

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