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   Chapter 430 There was Not a Slight Hint of Mercy

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At that very moment, four men appeared in the general ward. The man standing in the front looked as cold as ice. Yolanda's blurry eyes suddenly focused on him.

The man was familiar. It was her Harry. He was looking at her in dismay and disgust.

She wanted to say something. But she was too fragile now to utter any words.

The pregnant woman in the same ward was daunted by Harry's authority. She stopped groaning and did not dare to make any sound. That was how powerful the presence of Harry was.

Harry blurted out. "Throw her out."

Yolanda looked at Harry. Her face became very pale. She did not believe what she has heard. She must have been mistaken.

Harry would not throw her out. Yolanda thought to herself. She was very important to him.

Molly watched the three bodyguards approaching. She was dumbfounded. Her daughter was dying now. How could Harry be so cold-blooded to do this to her daughter?

This man was so horrible. It was lucky that her daughter didn't marry him before. Molly pondered.

Molly came to her senses when she heard Yolanda's screaming. The bodyguards has plugged out the needle from her hand without mercy.

"Get out from here!" Molly shouted in frustration. She tried to push the bodyguards away.

One of the bodyguards gripped Molly, while the other two bodyguards carried Yolanda out of the ward.

The pregnant woman inside the ward became too scared. Her underbelly began to suffer vehement spasms and her cervix was opened. She was soon sent to the delivery room.

At the gate of Chengyang Private Hospital

Yolanda was thrown on the ground relentlessly. The pain from her heart overweighed the pain from her body.

She was lying on the ground in embarrassment. She gazed at the arrogant Harry who was standing on the steps.

Harry was looking at her with her darkening eyes in disgust. It was just the same as Yolanda has looked at Lola before.

Many people came to watch the scene at the spot. Molly ran to Yolanda crying and shouting.

Yolanda spat out a mouthful of blood. She looked at Harry and said painfully, "Harry... Have you really forgotten about the time when we were young, and together?" Yolanda then fainted in Molly's arms.

Before she completely closed her eyes, she saw that Harry's face didn't change a bit. There was not a slight hint of mercy, nor yearning...

Harry just turned around ruthlessly and arrogantly and left. He took out his cellphone and called Joey. H

arefully did the general check-up for her. Her womb still needed to recover. She was still very frail. Except for these, there were no other problems. He was sure that Lola was fine.

"Lola, congratulations. You made it through the hardest time of your life." Chuck smiled and looked at Lola. Lola still looked very beautiful even if she was sick.

Lola smiled back and said, "Thank you. Handsome Chuck. It must be you who have saved me this time!" No words could express her gratitude to Chuck's great help. He was really a great doctor.

Harry frowned while listening to their conversation. He chipped in, "It is his responsibility to save people. You don't have to thank him."

Chuck ignored him and said to Lola, "If you really want to thank me, how about inviting me to have dinner?" He didn't expect that Lola would agree with his idea. After all, she was already married to Harry.

Unexpectedly, Lola smiled and nodded, "It's okay." Her face was still very pale. She said it deliberately to make Harry angry. He had just said that he was going to date another woman. Lola wanted to punish him.

Harry's face turned very pale. He walked to the bed and dragged Chuck to the door.

Harry pushed him out of the room in a cold manner. He threw his words to Chuck through the crack of the door, "If you are lonely, I can send you a dozen of women. Stop bothering me and my wife."

Hearing this, Chuck thought about Daisy. She was the trouble Harry had sent to him. Chuck was furious. He took out a scalpel and shot it right into the door. "If you dare to send women to me again, it will be a life-to-death battle between us."

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