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   Chapter 429 I Don't Want to See You Here

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Suddenly, there was a glow of hope in Chuck's eyes. He noticed the data on ECG monitor which he has been watching has changed, and the data on other medical monitors has gone back to normal.

Chuck could not resist his excitement. He couldn't help holding Harry's hands firmly. Harry felt strange about his move. Harry turned around and was about to rage, but he only saw Chuck's trembling face. Chuck urged him, "Continue to talk to her, Harry."

Harry's heart throbbed suddenly. He gazed at Chuck who was staring firmly at the EGG monitor. Harry suddenly realized what Chuck was saying.

He released Chuck's hands and came closer to Lola. He gripped Lola's hands firmly and said, "Lola, my darling, wake up. If you don't wake up, I will marry another woman and let her be the mother of our children and they will call her "mom" every day..."

It was a magical moment when the waves on the EGG monitor returned to normal in an instant. Especially, when Harry said their children would call another woman "mom," there showed a strong heartbeat of Lola on the screen.

Lola's breathing rate also quickened. After a few minutes, her breathing slowed and became normal.

All the people in the room has noticed Lola's reaction. Harry held back his excitement and asked Chuck, "How is she now?"

Chuck moved his gaze from the monitor to Lola who was still lying motionless on the sickbed. He answered, "She has gone through the most difficult moment. We only have to wait until she wakes up." Lola was really very tough. On the brink of death, she still held on to her last breath and finally she prevailed.

Life and death were in an instant... Lola had gone through.

Angie could not help bursting into tears. She held Lola's hands with excitement. She was too happy to utter any words.

Harry smiled with joy. His expression was covered by the surgical mask on his face.

Chuck went out of the ICU quietly. He told the good news to the people waiting outside of the ICU and instructed the nurses to transfer Lola to the senior ward.

"Oh, thank God. My sister is so great!" Joseph exclaimed. He was so happy that he held Lillian into his arms and kissed her.

Then, he also kissed the cheeks of his daughter...

Lillian felt awkward but her smile was clearly shown on her lips.

Wendy seized Jordan's arms and said to him with tears in her eyes, "Dear, Lola has toughed it out."

She could not help crying out. She was very excited now.

Jordan, who was holdi

ipped and said, "I will soon be engaged. What are you afraid of?"

"This is all done by you!" Chuck thought and grinded his teeth.

"Congratulations!" Harry smirked, "I will send you a big red envelope on your wedding day!" Harry was so rich and bitch!

Chuck looked at Harry's smug face and said deliberately with a hint of sarcasm, "Yolanda was in the general ward of the third floor. She has lost her child, but she is still alive."

Harry's eyes were full of disgust. "I will send someone to throw her out of the hospital!" Harry took out his cellphone from his pocket and dialed a number. He sent two men to come to the hospital.

Chuck looked at Harry and shook his head. 'Harry is really cold-blooded. Yolanda was once his girlfriend. They were about to marry before!' Chuck thought.

After Harry finished the call, Chuck added, "If one day you quarrel with Lola and want to get rid of her, just call me!" Chuck would like to take her in if she was dumped.

Harry stared at Chuck in coldness and said, "No, I will not let that happen!" Harry would certainly not dump Lola again.

Chuck looked at Harry's angry face, and patted his shoulder with delight. He turned around to get away from Harry before he could punch him.

The bodyguards soon arrived at the hospital. Harry led them to the general ward on the third floor.

There were two patients in the general ward on the third floor.

Another woman, who was in the same ward as Yolanda, was about to go into labor. She was walking around and groaning so loud because of the labor pain.

Yolanda just woke up. Her face was very pale. Molly was wiping her tears beside her bed.

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