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   Chapter 428 He Couldn't Wait Anymore

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6706

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Chuck's words hit Harry hard. He grabbed him by his collar, looked into his eyes and snapped at him. "What do you mean by 'breathing her last'? You said she had 24 hours!"

Jordan immediately dragged him away from Chuck. The doctor was actually as upset as him. "She might not be able to pull through, " Chuck said sadly. As a doctor, he had seen many lives come and go, but it was difficult for him to see his good brother's grief and her death… the woman he had been in love with before…

Harry wildly pushed him away and rushed into the ICU. He bent over her and anxiously looked at her. She was lying on the bed, still unconscious.

His eyes reddened. "Lola Li! Wake up! You can't just keep lying there!" He cried, agony in his voice. He took her limp hand. She looked so frail.

Chuck went to him, and took him by the arm. He gently comforted him, "Harry, calm down."

"Didn't you say 24 hours? Why won't she be able to pull through?" He roared hysterically.

Maybe she would wake up soon. Or she might not. Then, she would sleep forever…

Maybe? He needed to be sure. Who could assure him? He needed her to be all right. He couldn't bear to lose her.

"Lora Li, you have three kids. You can't just leave them. You can't. I'm warning you!" he said angrily. But Lola did not respond.

Chuck held him by his arm. He didn't want him to do anything crazy.

He exchanged worried looks with Joseph and Jordan. They came into the ICU to lead him out of the room.

"Calm down, Harry. Let's just wait. Everything would be fine, " Joseph soothed him. They made him sit on the bench, and held him there with their hands.

Harry closed his eyes in an attempt to calm himself down, but failed.

"Harry, she wouldn't leave the kids. You should trust her." Joseph said as confidently as he could manage, though he himself was uncertain.

Wait? He couldn't wait anymore! His woman was dying. How could he sit there and just wait?

He stood up on his knees, trying to get rid of the restraining

ry. They looked so nervous and sad… More and more faces appeared beside them...

In the hallway of the hospital, Joseph crossed his fingers in front of his chest and prayed facing the window. "God bless her, please… Please bless her… Please let her wake up…" he murmured softly again and again.

Lillian sat on the bench with her daughter in her arms. She looked at her husband and felt sorry for him.

The door of the ICU was still closed. "Come on, Lola! People are waiting for you." She silently said willing the door to open.

In the ICU, Harry stayed with Lola. He held her hand tightly.

He could feel her breath and pulse becoming weaker by the moment.

Don't, please don't… His heart was in so much pain that he almost couldn't breathe.

"Lola Li, how dare you leave me? You're in so much trouble now!" He would get her back wherever she went, even if it meant the end of the earth.

Angie stood by the bed in sterile dressings. She continuously coaxed her daughter, "Lola, Mom is here. Wake up and take a look at me. Please don't leave…" She was sobbing, and her voice was choked.

"Lola, do you want me to live in guilt? Why are you being so cruel?" Harry questioned her. Tears welled in his eyes. He owed too much to her. How could he make amends with her? Why didn't she give him a chance to make up to her?

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