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   Chapter 427 Yolanda Can't Die

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Molly knelt on the ground. She didn't think her daughter could be so dreadful.

Yolanda continued to deny Harry's allegations, "It's Sara who had done all this!"

Harry gave her a sharp look. How did she know it was Sara? What she said only gave her away.

"Yolanda, you need to pay the price for what you've done to my wife and children." He stretched out his right hand covered in a white glove. He was about to choke her to death.

"Is Harry going to kill me?" Yolanda couldn't believe it. It was impossible...

She stepped back in fear, missed her footing, and went tumbling down the stairs.



She couldn't move at all.

Harry unhurriedly climbed down the stairs staring at Yolanda struggling on the ground. "Did Lola go through the same pain all those days back?"

Harry felt guilty when he thought of this. He stepped on her hands to stop her from touching her stomach.

"Harry!" Yolanda painfully looked at the man she once loved. She wondered why things had turned out like this.

Her lower body began to bleed. She clutched his shin with the other hand.

Harry shook off her hand and kicked her again.

"Ooh!" Yolanda's screams echoed in the dilapidated building.

Molly passed out at this moment. Her daughter...

Harry coldly looked at the woman on the ground. He felt no pity for her.

He stepped forward and kicked her again, causing her to pass out, too.

He took out his mobile phone and dialed a number. "Settle the woman." Then he left.

Yolanda couldn't die. He wouldn't let her off that easily. Yolanda's screams had attracted the attention of the neighbors. They opened their doors and then closed them again when they saw the barely breathing woman on the ground.


e just seen and asked, "A pregnant woman called Yolanda was sent here just now. She was shot twice and her lower body was bleeding. Was that you?" Though, in his heart, he was sure, it was Harry.

Lola's accident must have something to do with Yolanda.

Harry nodded. "I won't let her die before Lola wakes up. I'll pay her back double what Lola has suffered." He said this in a rather cold tone.

Jordan nodded with satisfaction. If anything happened to his sister, he wouldn't let go of that woman easily either.

All the three men sat silently. Suddenly the bell in the ICU rang and two nurses rushed to the room.

Harry stood up from the bench at once and wanted to go inside the room, but was stopped by the nurses.

"Mr. Si, it's an aseptic ward. Please wait a moment."

Harry anxiously looked into the room through the glass window. Jordan and Joseph also came to see.

Chuck rushed into the ICU.

Several minutes later...

Chuck came out of the ICU and took off his gauze mask. He didn't know how to describe Lola's condition. Harry's heart sank when he saw his heavy expression.

"Harry, Lola is most likely breathing her last..."

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