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   Chapter 426 More Blood is Needed for the Mother

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Kevin was very agitated, "How could this happen?" He wondered what had made Lola suddenly suffer a massive hemorrhage and premature labor.

When Harry thought of what had happened and of the woman, who had caused it to happen, his eyes turned red. He hated her so much that he wanted to kill her personally after he had ensured that Lola was fine!

Kevin had not seen his son's eyes flash so much anger like this before. He was shocked and wondered what on earth had happened.

Time passed, but Chuck still didn't come out of the operating room. "Father, you can see the babies first!" said Harry. He was exhausted and looked at Kevin who sat next to him.

Kevin nodded. He knew that the babies also needed to be taken care of.

After giving blood, Joseph was full of vim and vigor again shortly afterwards and ran towards Harry. He wanted to ask what had happened, but when he saw a dispirited Harry, he didn't dare.

So, he took out his phone and called his parents, but found their phones to be switched off. They are probably on the plane by now, he thought.

Three hours later, the nurse ran into the operating room again, carrying 2, 000 milliliters of blood.

Harry, who kept clenching his fists, fixed his eyes on the operating room's door.

Four hours later, Landon, Harold and his wife, Jordan with his child in his arms, and Wendy who was pregnant, rushed to the hospital in a state of panic.

"Harry, How is Lola?" asked Angie. When she saw the blood on Harry's clothes, Angie, who was a female officer and was usually calm, became very upset. Her eyes became red and almost filled with tears. A woman was risking her life to give birth to a child. And this was not the first time. Lola had suffered a massive hemorrhage when she had given birth to Nicole also.

Harry looked at everyone and replied truthfully, "She has been in the operating room for more than four hours. The babies have been taken out of it, but she still remains there."

When they heard his words, everyone became very anxious. Lola had been in the operating room for more than four hours...

Joseph looked at Jordan and said, "Jordan, your blood type is also B, right? Go and get yourself tested and give blood. Sister has been receiving blood transfusions and she needs more blood." Jordan immediately passed Colin to Angie and went to look for the blood drawing room to give blood.

Twenty minutes later, Jordan walked back to the group, looking pale.

A nurse, with a blood bag in her hand, caug

"Harry Si, what are you doing here?" asked Molly. She had a bad feeling and immediately stood in front of her daughter to protect her.

Harry ignored her, looked at Yolanda behind Molly and rudely dragged her from behind her mother and in front of him.

"Ah! Harry, I'm pregnant now, so please be gentle." Yolanda was so scared that she screamed.

Harry started moving closer to Yolanda forcing her towards the stairway.

At this moment, Yolanda and Molly seemed to see a very aggressive Asura from hell. Yolanda kept constantly backing away.

Soon she reached the end of the landing. Looking over her shoulder, she saw the stairway behind her heels. She immediately held the handrail beside her as she could not back away anymore.

"Yolanda, did you push Lola down the stairway that year?" He stopped glaring at Yolanda who turned pale with fright, and asked her. Molly was shocked to hear Harry's words. She looked at her daughter, wondering what she had done.

Yolanda panicked, shook her head in the negative and replied, "I didn't push her. She just carelessly fell down the stairs. Right! Lola released her hand and fell down the stairs."

Harry sneered at her words and said, "How could you harm my first, third and fourth child? You're such a cruel-hearted woman!" When she heard Harry suddenly roaring at her, Yolanda got so scared that she almost missed her own footing.

Harry drew away Molly who wanted to protect her daughter and continued moving closer to Yolanda. "You poisoned Lola in A Country, hired people to rape her at a fork in the road and also assigned Steven to shoot her in C Country." Saying these words, Harry laughed mirthlessly.

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