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   Chapter 425 The Mother Needs a Transfusion

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Harry held Lola's hand firmly. He heard her say that she loved him, but with great effort.

His eyes were blurred by tears. She had never seen a man with tears before. Her heart ached for having distressed him so much...

She really wanted to comfort him and say, "Don't cry, honey..."

But she couldn't muster the energy to do so. She was determined to hold on to the hope of her children's safety, despite the agonizing struggle.

No one knew how much time had passed. When Lola could bear it no more, the car stopped.

Harry took her in his arms at once and ran inside the hospital.

In the warm sunlight, Lola glanced at the man who was holding her, running desperately and, finally unable to take it any more, closed her eyes.

"Chuck!" Harry, screamed like a madman for his brother, rushing inside the hospital.

Hearing Harry roar in the distance, Chuck was sure something had happened! Anxious, he hurried from the operating room asking the other surgeon to get an emergency bed.

Lola's blood was dripping on the floor. The red against the sterile white of the hospital floor looked striking. Harry's madman-like behavior made everyone else stay away.

Chuck seeing the blood and the state Harry was in, calmed himself, and immediately instructed the other surgeon. "Quick! Stop the bleeding!" Harry, now covered in blood, put Lola on the emergency bed that the other surgeon had wheeled in.

"Chuck, Please save her!" The man gradually sobered down. Looking at the bed where the unconscious woman lay, he collared Chuck, who was about to leave.

Chuck cast his eyes on Lola and reckoned that it might be the reopened wound on her uterus. "If only one can be saved..."

"Save the mother! At all costs!" He interrupted his question without any hesitation. For Harry, the decision was beyond any doubt.

Chuck gave him a deep, understanding look, nodded, and followed the emergency bed into the operating room.

The lights in the operating room switched on. Harry leaned against the wall.

Kevin took Nicole to the manor only to find the bloodstain on the floor. He immediately sensed that something was wrong.

Mrs. Du was not in the manor. The servant was working in the back garden. He finally

Harry looked at the two red-cheeked babies - his children, his and Lola's...

"Where's my wife?" he asked the surgeon. The operating room had closed again.

"Mrs. Si is still under emergency treatment. Her uterus had ruptured when she was brought here. She has been bleeding too much. It's still hard to tell the details." Harry's heart sank as he saw the surgeon shake her head.

Lola, Lola... He called in his heart.

A boy and a girl made Kevin jump out of his skin. He asked the surgeon to first place the babies in the incubators and then inform Mrs. Du to bring all the stuff that the babies would need to the hospital as soon as possible.

Just as the babies were placed in the nursery, Joseph reached the hospital. "Harry! How's my sister?"

He halted in front of Harry, out of breath. When he saw Harry covered in blood, he couldn't say a word.

Harry stopped a nurse randomly. "Go, get your blood tested, If it turns out to be group B, give as much as possible."

Joseph left with the nurse. Sure enough, his blood group was B, so the nurse drew 1000 milliliter of his blood.

The blood was carried to the operating room. After 20 minutes, a nurse walked out. "Blood is not enough. Two nurses have also donated their blood. I'm going to look for more, " saying this, the nurse hurried away.

Around 4000 milliliter blood had been used. Hold on, Lola. Your husband and your babies are waiting for you. Harry thought with his hands and heart tightly clenched.

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