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   Chapter 424 It Hurts

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7406

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Lola felt a bit relieved when she saw that Yolanda was also pregnant. She wouldn't be that stupid to harm her.

"What do you want?" Lola didn't want to let her come inside; for the safety of her own babies, she had to be as far away from that woman as she possibly could.

Yolanda enviously looked at Lola's big belly. She had already heard that she was having twins.

"Nothing special, but I just wanted to visit you, since you are close to giving birth." She then slowly started moving closer Lola.

But Lola backed up several steps, and warned her, "That's none of your business. Don't come near me any closer."

Yolanda ignored her warning and kept pressing ahead. Her moves filled Lola with a bad feeling, and so she returned back to the castle in big strides. "Tom, get her out of here." She ordered Tom, the guard that was standing behind her.

Tom instantly rushed over to pull back Yolanda, but Yolanda angrily watched him, pressing nearer. Then, she threatened him, "Will you be able to be held accountable if something ever happens to the baby inside of me?" This made Tom hesitate in his actions.

When he halted, Yolanda then rushed behind Lola, who had managed to enter the castle. On her right was a large swimming pool.

Then it all happened. With all her strength, Yolanda pulled Lola and ran with her towards the pool.

"Ah!" Lola screamed in panic. She then knelt down and hit her belly against the pool's sill.

Tom hastily rushed over and tried to control Yolanda. Unable to move any further, Yolanda just pushed Lola into the water, trying to drown her.

The pool wasn't deep, but not shallow either. Lola sank, and while she choked on the water, she struggled to lift her head up, but in vain.

Yolanda began laughing hysterically. She cursed her in her mind. "Miscarry! Miscarry, Lola! Oh, she doesn't know how to swim. If she doesn't have a miscarriage, then she'll drown."

This completely shocked and scared Tom. He released Yolanda and then jumped into the water to rescue Lola.

In the midst of all this mess, Yolanda crept out of the manor, took a car and left the place.

Lola had almost drowned when someone held her head up above the water.

Tom and another

too weak.

Harry held Lola even more tightly in his arms. "Lola! Listen, if anything ever happens to you, I'll have all of them butchered. If you don't want a genocide on your hands, you have to hold on for a little while longer." He threatened her madly. He couldn't lose her.

But she was too weak to answer him, and she couldn't even move her lips anymore. She didn't want to die. She wanted to look and raise their babies...

One of the twins might look like Harry, the man she loved so dearly. She hoped that they could both be boys, so that they could protect Nicole when they grew up...

"Lola, we're almost at the hospital now, I can see it. Hang on, hang on, you'll see our babies really soon..." Harry was so scared that Lola might pass out on her, and he kept talking to her. His voice trembled with fear like never before.

When he mentioned of their babies, Lola tried to open her eyes again.

She could feel that she was bleeding all the way, but she just wished that her babies were are alright...

She put her hand in Harry's big palm, and with her last strength, she uttered, "Honey, I love you..." She loved him with all her heart!

She had fallen in love with him from the first time they had married.

She loved him because he was always sweet and caring to her, despite his coldness and loftiness to others.

She was obsessed with him. She really missed their happy days in Paris, Switzerland and the Maldives. Ah, such splendid times!

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