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   Chapter 423 Were You All Right There

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Harry drove a Ferrari from the garage, which was initially purchased for Yolanda, but was put under Lola's name later.

Lora bought two bouquets of flowers and then went to the cemetery.

The cemetery in which Catharine's and Lavender's tombs were was very clean.

She put the blooming pot mums in front of Catharine's tomb while looking at her smiling grandmother's photo on the grave. She couldn't help herself, and suddenly and unexpectedly started weeping. "Dear grandmother, Lola's come to see you."

Tears were streaming down her cheeks. Her grandmother had loved her very much...

Harry wiped away her tears, and said, "Please, don't cry. Grandmother is looking at you, and you would sadden her soul if she saw you crying any longer."

Lola nodded, and while wiping away her tears, she said, "I will not cry again, dear grandmother. Look, I am happy now! Look! I am pregnant with two children!" She still could not help weeping, although she had promised not to. "Grandmother will be very happy when she see her great-grandchildren. I'll also take Nicole here to see my mother and grandmother."

Harry heard Lola say that she was happy, and he smiled with the corners of his mouth pointing upwards. He had to keep her happy forever.

He bowed at Catharine's tomb and then took Lola to Lavender's tomb.

Lavender died when Lola was only a teenager, and although Lola knew that she was not her real biological mother, she still loved her with all her heart.

She would never forget the grace of her true loving and caring upbringing.

She remembered that when she was young, and her family was not that rich, Lavender and Carl had always made sure that they provided her with the best kind of things which they could get and afford. They even avoided spending money for their own needs.

And as time went on, their family's pecuniary status had gradually improved. They then treat her even better, almost provided her with everything she ever wanted.

But Lavender died when Lola was still young.

"Mum, I've come to see you... Are you alright there? I haven't seen you for such a long time." She was murmuring, touching Lavender's grave photo...

When they left the cemetery, Lola was still in low spirits. Harry controlled the car's steering wheel with one hand while grasping her hands

l depends on my mood!"

He knew she was deliberate with her answer, and so he kissed her and drove on when the light turned green.

Under his request, for the next three months Lola spent all her time laying on the bed or watching the sea on the balcony.

Lola's body became really heavy when she reached almost nine months of pregnancy. Everyone was now on the alert.

Jemmy had been finally trapped in one of Harry's ambushes and was caught by him.

And Yolanda was touching her belly thoughtfully in a shabby apartment.

She knew that everything was over. But she was unwilling to have her demise in such conditions. Even if she was going to die, she still wanted someone to die along with her.

Thinking of this, she went out of the apartment without caring about the other people's disdainful looks.

She came to the Leroy Manor, and she let the guard tell Lola that someone wanted to visit her.

Lola knew that it was Yolanda, and definitely refused to see her. Yolanda then started yelling and protesting in front of the Leroy Manor's gates, but the guard didn't dare to stop her, considering that she was pregnant.

Harry was in his company. The guard called Lola again.

Lola thought that Yolanda wouldn't make any trouble on her grounds.

And so she let the guard allow her to come in, but entrusted him to come together with her. The guard said yes and came in with Yolanda, and another called Harry to report on what was happening.

Lola then saw the woman, who was also pregnant, entering the manor's door.

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