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   Chapter 421 She Had No Choice but to Put Up with It

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Feeling helpless, Philip stared at their backs for a long while, and after a short while left. He was scared, and wondered if Mr. Si would really kill him.

The scary thought tortured him for a couple of months, at least.

In the SL Group

Joey reported to Harry that Lola's woman bodyguard wanted to see him.

Harry was busy working when he heard what Joey said. He frowned, and thought, "I've told her not to stay an inch away from Lola, and what does she do?"

"Let her come in, " said Harry.

Soon enough, the woman bodyguard entered the office, holding a handbag in her hand.

"Mr. Si, this is something that was bought for you by Lady Lola. She asked me to personally bring it to you."

"Your mission was to stay close to Mrs. Si, and ensure her security all the times." Harry scolded her in a cold voice, with his eyes staring at the handbag on the desk.

The bodyguard, with great respect, answered him, "I've tried my best to explain my mission to Lady Lola, but she got very angry; I had no option but to bring it here, myself." The bodyguard really felt helpless and thought that she had done her best.

Harry instantly realized that something wasn't right. He opened the handbag, and saw that there was only a hat in it.

But... The hat's color was green!

His face was darkened in an instant, and thought, "That disobedient woman! No!" He was suddenly alarmed.

And right at that moment, his phone rang!

"Mr. Si, we are so sorry. We've failed in watching on Lady Lola. She's gone... missing!" As soon as the phone call was connected, Harry heard the bodyguard report the situation in a guilty voice.

... Massaging his aching temples, Harry asked, "She's gone missing? What do you mean with 'she's gone missing'?" He tried to keep his calm when asking the question, but the coldness in his voice was too obvious.

Gritting his teeth, the bodyguard had to brace himself to continue his report. "Lady Lola escaped from us when she went out of a lady's bathroom, under someone else's cover..." It sounded like that it wasn't all their fault.

"Escape? Six special police agents assigned for one pregnant woman, and you let her escape so easily? What's the point of even hiring you? If anything bad happens to my wife, I won't let you guys go so easily!" Harry then abruptly ended the phone call. He tried hard to constrain his building rage. It was really dangerous for Lola to go out all by herself, as Jemmy's whereabouts were still uncertain yet.

Harry then dialed Lola's phone number once again, but found that her phone was still powered off.

He knew that it would take a while for her anger to cool off!

He then called in Joey, with his face completely darkened, and instructed Joey, "Send someone to the airport, railway station and bus station to find and catch her!" He gave his orders devoid of any emotions.

Joey was puzzled, and looking


On the other side of the line, Eason's mind was also taken up by the affair going on between Samuel and his sister, and he was dumbfounded when all of a sudden he heard that Harry was blaming him for everything.

He had heard that Harry was looking for someone, but he didn't know who he was actually looking for until this phone call.

He cautiously asked, "Isn't your wife back home yet?" Eason understood that, indeed, for a woman with twins inside her whose whereabouts were still unknown, it was a serious situation.

"No, and now you're asking just nonsense. Eason, you just wait! If something dangerous were to happen to my wife, I won't let you go off so easily!" yelled Harry. If anything bad ever happened to Lola, Eason would be the first guy on Harry's killing list.

"Brother, don't be so anxious. I'll help you find her, okay?" said Eason. Eason began to analyze the situation in detail. He thought that Lola must still be in C Country, as Harry had already sent people to look for her in every airport and station.

Harry then impatiently gulped down a mouthful of wine, and said, "I've sent people to search all places in C Country! But they still couldn't find any track of her."

"You must have checked every big hotel, but what about the cheaper hotels and inns?" Eason's words made Harry wonder.

But he said, "My wife is kind of a stickler for cleanliness. I don't think she's chosen a common inn, " said Harry. He knew her character well.

"Nothing is impossible!" replied Eason.

Harry kept silent for a short while and then hung up the phone. He then instructed his men to check every inn.

Next noon

Harry received a phone call from Joey. He reported, "Boss, room 306 of Mercury Hotel, on Kaiyuan Road."

"Lola, you really are good at hiding yourself!" thought Harry.


He was too anxious to wait even one more second. He drove his car with full speed to Kaiyuan Road.

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