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   Chapter 414 Mr. Shao Has Reached Middle Age

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 8041

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After he put the plate on the table, Harry walked up to the bedside and hugged his wife. But before Lola had any chance to react to his unexpected behavior, she was pushed down on the big red bed.

Harry, who reeked of wine, looked at the attractive woman in his arms, and couldn't help himself but to kiss her deeply.

"Crack!" The bedroom's door was pushed open and several drunkards from downstairs entered the room.

"Ah! Harry, what are you doing? We haven't even left yet!" Eason shouted at him with a bottle of wine in his hands, and several men at the door burst into laughter.

Lola immediately pushed Harry away from her body and stood up from the bed, blushing.

Harry also stood up from the bed and pushed the men out of his room. "Get out! We can drink always together on another day!" he said. Their happy moment had been interrupted, and Harry went downstairs while coaxing the group of drunken people.

Again, the bedroom was quiet. Lola wiped the lipstick from her mouth and then opened the plate's cover. There was a bowl of crucian carp and bean curd soup, a bowl of chicken porridge, a small plate of chili and sour potatoes and two steamed buns with vegetable stuffing.

Downstairs, Harry and Jordan, who were a little drunk, put several other men into their cars.

"Harry, you really are mean! We just wanted to stay and celebrate your wedding with you in the bridal chamber!" Eason, while sticking his head out of the window, felt discontented, and complained because he had been driven out of the room when he had just entered it.

But Harry just pressed Eason's curly haired head back into the car, and said, "My wife's pregnant, and it isn't a suitable time for having that much fun. I'll make up for it next time."

After he asked the driver to take Eason to the hotel, Harry then dealt with the next man.

Samuel, who was next to the car, yanked back and forth with Joseph. "Joseph, I didn't expected you to be so handsome. I'm almost not attracted to women anymore!" he said.

When he looked at the drunk, Joseph, who was shocked, shivered and then immediately kicked him into the car.

"Harry Si, your wife is so beautiful! You don't deserve her!" Samuel then continued to speak. He didn't get drunk that easily, but if he did, he would speak out anything he had on his mind.

Harry coldly glanced at him, and said, "Joey, I think Mr. Shao has reached mi

heard what her elder brother talked to Joey on the phone earlier.

She also gave some money to the woman Joey sent there and asked her to leave the hotel.

She knew that the man inside the room was Samuel, who was also a legendary figure; she had been secretly in love with him for many years.

She had also expressed her love for him in the past, but he never cared about her, and had never taken her to his heart and liking. He had even told her that she was like a sister to him.

Ella couldn't stand this any longer, and she wanted to be more than his sister!

When she entered the room, it was very quiet, and the man on the bed seemed to be sleeping.

After five minutes, Ella took off her dress, threw it away, and climbed into Samuel's bed.

Samuel, who in general was a rather cautious person, was really inebriated. He didn't realize that a woman was lying under him at this moment.

The night grew darker, and at the last moment, Samuel was suddenly sober.

When he saw who the woman in his arms was, he shook his head, and found that she was actually Ella!

Ella, who was always timid like a scared rabbit, now looked cute and very charming in his arms.

He felt very dizzy, and before he even got the chance to think of anything, he instantly fell asleep again.

When Ella looked at the sleeping man she started hesitating and flinching, thinking that she couldn't stay there, next to him, until tomorrow! She got out of bed bearing all kinds of uncomfortable feelings that her body inevitably had brought along. She then quickly put on her dress and left the hotel.

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