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   Chapter 411 You Have Conquered Me

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"Hey, what's up?" Lola was confused why Wendy was so happy so she curiously asked her. Nicole got rid of Lola and walked towards the liger when she saw Lola was talking to someone on the phone.

Wendy was just walking out of the hospital. Her happiness was so evident on her face. "Lola, I'm pregnant!" Actually, she was two months pregnant!

Lola was so excited to hear this news that she had to scream out loud. "Really? That's wonderful! Congratulations! You will be a mother few months from now!" Jordan made Wendy pregnant again in such a short time! He was so strong and good!

Wendy immediately blushed. "Thank you. But now, I want to tell your brother about it." She shared this news with Lola first so she has not told Jordan yet!

"Okay. Be careful while driving!" Lola spoke to Wendy with so much concern. She was in a bad mood earlier because she found out that Harry hid money from her. But now, she was so happy.

After hanging up the phone, Lola sent a message to Harry, "Harry, I have forgiven you!" She would give him the right to manage their money from now on. After all, he was the one earning it.

Harry was in his office in SL Group at that moment. As soon as he read the message from Lola, he replied right away, "My wife is so wise and I love you so much!"

... Lola also sent him a message quickly, "You are really a sweet talker! Tonight, I will give your wallet back to you."

She has heard that Chuck was trying his best to pursue Daisy in A Country. And his grandfather has warned him that if he still could not let Daisy be his girlfriend, he would beat him whenever they meet each other.

Lola had a smile on her face and she gently touched her belly. Then she walked towards her daughter who was already near the cage of the liger.

Harry and Lola held their wedding ceremony on the 8th day of the 8th lunar month. It was really a big and wonderful day.

Lola's belly bump was obvious even though she was wearing the wedding dress. People would know she was pregnant just by looking at her.

Her wedding dress designed by Fila was decorated by delicate embroidery white roses and crystals. It was made of expensive white organzas and kikkoshas. The hemline of this dress was four meters long while the veil was five meters long.

This wedding dress was really expensive and grand. It valued at least eight million yuan.

The manor was decorated with red decorations. The decorated manor was surrounded with happiness and joy.

him to show his tenderness and love whenever he was with Lola. He loved Lola so much!

At the door of the villa, cameramen took photos of the six groomsmen, the groom and the beautiful bride.

And, they also took photos of Lola's family, including Carl. After that, Harry took Lola to his SSC.

Other people sat in the cars behind Harry's. They left the villa to go to the manor.

So many luxury cars were careening on the road. Several cameramen took photos of this spectacular scene.

When they entered the manor, Harry took Lola to their bedroom. "I finally married Lola!" Harry happily thought to himself.

However, they still had a lot of things to do. They did not stay at manor for a long time. They drove for the hotel. But, Harry drove around the east of the city before he went to hotel.

Because he wanted more people to know that he would marry Lola today!

In Vini Empire Seven Stars Hotel

It was the only seven star hotel in C Country. This hotel has been running for just two years. However, it cost the investor several billions to build up.

Harry booked more than two hundreds rooms for his guests. They could stay in here until tomorrow. What's more, he also booked all the rooms of one five star hotel and another six star hotel. He was so extravagant!

Harry also arranged thousands of guards to protect the guests. Among them, there were two hundred snipers. They were all situated around the hotel.

Also, Harry arranged more than three hundred luxury cars to provide convenience for his guests.

At the right side of the hotel, there was an open area. It was luxuriously decorated as the wedding venue.

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