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   Chapter 406 Oscar Owes You An Academy Award

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 8010

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On the 66th floor of the president's office

Lola walked out of the elevator. She looked so intimidating with her high-heel shoes. She would have made little noise since the carpet was thick and fluffy. But she was so mad that she stamped on it, thus producing a clanking sound.

At the door of the president's office, several secretaries on the secretary division hurriedly moved over to greet her the minute they saw her, "Mrs. Lola, hello! How are you?"

"Where is Harry right now?" She angrily stared at the pretty secretaries. She doesn't have time to chitchat. With six female assistants near him all the time, Harry might cheat on her very easily. Lola thought about this and became more upset.

They have seen Lola several times, but she was very kind back then. Yet this time, she looked so furious. Her sharp eyes were much like those of President Harry.

"The president.... is attending a meeting on the 22nd floor right now." One secretary answered her in a worried tone. She was wondering what's going on with Mrs. Si. She looked so strange and upset.

When the thought crossed her mind that Harry may have hired these beautiful assistants intentionally, Lola couldn't stop being angry.

After finding out where Harry was, she abruptly turned away and left.

On the other hand, the secretaries were all left confusingly staring at each other.

"Who is she?" A newly hired secretary asked curiously. Today was the first time she had seen Lola. For her, Lola was so brave and awesome because she had the guts to call their president directly by his name.

One senior secretary cast a glance at her and answered kindly, "She is the president's wife. Remember, you can irritate the president, but never her." They have all been told by Joey that Harry loved his wife very much. Even more than he loved himself.

That reply made the new assistant lower her head anxiously. Was that woman even scarier than the president?

In the meeting room on the 22nd floor

Lola stormed out of the elevator in a rage while Joey was talking about the meeting arrangements tomorrow with the secretaries.

Accidentally he noticed a familiar figure. At first, he thought he was wrong. But with a closer look, he realized that she was Lola indeed.

"Mrs. Si, what are you doing here?" He came over hastily.

Lola was wearing make-up? And high-heel shoes as well? He could hardly be

arry hastily pulled her back as a dark expression filled his eyes. He knew who was behind this----Chuck. What a 'good' friend he was!

"Honey, honey, calm down. This is a mistake. It's not what you think it is!" He held her palm which just slapped the desk, and rubbed it to make it less painful.

"Scumbag, we should file for a divorce. I don't want to be with you." That's the end of it all----divorce. She shook away Harry's hand angrily.

But Harry pulled her back in his arms and said lovingly, "Lola, it's a mistake. She is not my mistress. I can explain this. Let me explain first." When he bought the services of Daisy to bother Chuck, he had never thought Chuck would fight back with this.

Lola leaned against Harry and said coldly, "Explain? You don't need to explain, Harry. Everything is clear to me now!" The evidence were laid here clearly. What could he explain more?

"Sure, there is need for that. Or I will be wronged by Chuck." Why hasn't Chuck married Daisy yet? It seemed he should give them a push. A forceful push.

"You are wronged? The evidence is here. You are not wronged. I was the one who was fooled. You cheated on me." She struggled in his arms, unwilling to hear more explanations.

She was so stupid. She would never trust him again. Gosh, she was so foolish to believe in him again. Now, she just wanted to dig a hole and lie in there. She wanted to be away from the world and just be alone.

"I paid her to seduce Chuck." He explained hurriedly. He hoped Lola could cool off now as she shouldn't get angry. He was really worried about the babies.

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