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   Chapter 401 It's My First Time Ever Cooking

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7739

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That woman had claret-red hair and was wearing a rose-red dress.

"You do know that Harry is married, don't you?" She queried the shocked woman with an ice-cold glance.

Seeing Lola's face, the woman nodded, shivering with fear. She had certainly known that, but her partnership goal with the SL was much more stronger, so she attempted to seduce Harry for it.

She was almost glued to him when Lola came in...

"Spank!" Ada Yang, left aghast, just stared at Lola, whose hand was still in the air.

However, she didn't rebuke her, because Ada seemed to be the mistress that was caught red handed.

"That'll teach you not to seduce others' husbands, and if you ever dare to try this kind of trick again, I'll undress you and throw you out bare naked in the street!" Lola began her first half sentence mellow, but she gradually became more and more serious and fierce after.

Although Lola didn't wear high heels, and looked shorter than Ada Yang, her spirit and attitude were much more tougher.

Ada Yang covered her face and hurried out of the office. How awful Lola was!

After that, the whole office went silent. Harry put down the lunch box and instantly turned to comfort Lola.

"My dear! Come here! Please, don't be mad at me." Harry held Lola by her waist and then seated her on his chair.

But Lola shook off his hands, and while she stared at him, she said, "Harry, you're now going to tell me that she came here to seduce you for a partnership with your company, and that you didn't have anything to do with this, aren't you?"

He was such a bastard! He could always attract shameless women!

Harry was speechless for the moment, as Lola was right!

"When I was just about to kick her out, you came in." He then pulled her closer to him, and rubbed the hand that had earlier slapped that woman.

"You can beat anyone you want to, but just be careful not to hurt yourself."

Lola shook off his hands, and said, "Harry, why do you want to straddle on two boats?" Although she did know that it was the woman, indeed, that had seduced him in the first place, she was still very furious.

Harry helplessly held her hands again. "My dear, I screwed up! Please don't be mad on me, you're pregnant!" He gently comforted Lola with his hands caressing her slightly raised wo

a signal and several guards rushed out of a car.

They surrounded the red Maybach, and another bullet flew and shot one of the guards who was guarding the backseat doors.

"Hurry up! Get down!" The driver quickly shouted to Lola, and then several other bullets flew pass her head again.

All of the turmoil had finally attracted the attention of some passersby. Looking at the people on the ground, they began to be frightened and began to scream and run.

Lola got out her phone and called Harry despite the severe pain in her wounded shoulder.

Harry was checking some of his work files, still feeling sick because of his stomach.

When he saw Lola's call, he felt frightened for the very first time in his life.

When he answered, he heard Lola's anxious voice saying "Come downstairs quick! Someone is trying to kill me!"

He instantly stood up from his chairs, took out his gun from his bottom desk drawer, and rushed downstairs.

"How are you? Are you hurt?" He tried to calm down and coldly shook his gun in front of Joey. Things were serious.

Because he moved so fast, no one could tell what he was waving around in the air except for Joey.

Joey then also got out his phone and called someone and ran inside the elevator.

The turmoil outside had already gotten much worse. Lola bent inside the car for safety. The driver also took out his gun and began shooting towards the direction that the bullets were coming from.

Since the driver's gun wasn't silenced, more and more onlookers began to panic.

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