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   Chapter 399 Don't Call Him Brother-in-law

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She then relaxed and began to wash.

Harry turned off the computer and walked in on her when she was just about finished.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know." She then started explaining herself to him.

Harry smiled, and said, "It's all right. Are you hungry? I've already ordered breakfast; I think it'll arrive soon."

He then gathered his arms around her waist and kissed her.

And Lola replied by throwing her arms around his neck.

The waiter then knocked at the door and brought them breakfast.

After they ate, they headed out to the snowy mountains. Lola was wearing a white wedding dress and wrapped in Harry's white suit.

This was the last day they of their wedding photo shoot. They had mountains with snowy summits, glaciers and crystal clear mountain lakes as background for their snapshots; the couple was indeed very photogenic.

Very few people traveled around the world just to take wedding photos, and they were pleased of their journey so far.

Indeed, the results were spectacular. And their photos could've also been set at the hotel's doorway to help promote the local tourism. But Mr. Si would not agree to put their photos on display for the rest of the world.

It took them more than an hour to finish the photo shooting, and after lunch they decided to return back home.

As they passed through A Country, they decided to go to Lola's family first, and it was almost five o'clock when they arrived there.

But they found just Landon, Wendy and her son at home.

"Lola, come on in!" Wendy then soon came down from upstairs, and seeing Lola back, she was really excited.

Lola found that Wendy had become more feminine, and it also seemed that she was more happy. She looked nice like that!

And Colin still had that cherubic innocence and chubbiness.

"Hi little baby, come here for a hug!" Lola held Colin in her arms and then walked into the living room. There she saw Landon, sitting on the sofa.

"Grandpa!" Harry greeted L

diamonds in them. Harry took out a hairpin from a set and gave it to her.

"Do you like it?" He would give Nicole anything she would ever dream of, like, or want. Last month she had told him that she liked some Barbie dolls, and now her wish had come true.

Nicole held the dolls in her hands, and nodded, "I like them very much! Thank you, dad!" She then climbed down from Harry's leg and began to unwrap the boxes.

Lola greeted Harry's father and Kevin. Then, Harry walked up to his father.

"Dad! This is what Lola brought for you and grandfather." Harry picked up a bag and then handed it over to Kevin, who was also in a happy mood.

Inside it was a pair of excellent Italian hand-made shoes. "They're very nice, thank you, Lola." He smiled gently at her. Kevin then opened the box and tried them on; their size was perfect.

Lola knew that his father couldn't walk so well anymore and needed a cane. And so she bought a new cane for him.

"Thank you, Lola." After walking a few steps around the room with the cane, he nodded with joy.

In the evening, Kevin asked the cook to prepare a copious dinner for them. It was quite to Lola's taste and all the family members were filled with happiness.

It was a little late after supper to leave. So Harry decided to stay overnight in the old house.

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