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   Chapter 396 Lola's Rounds of Sweet Giggles

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It took her a while before she came back to her senses. She shook her head and answered in an obviously upset voice, "I thought you were... gone already. I became so sad." She paused before uttering what she really had thought.

Harry felt so remorseful in his heart when he heard this. He was shocked. Yes, he felt shocked by her words.

He was also surprised. He now realized how important he was to her.

He immediately tried to reassure her, "I will not let this happen, Lola. I will never leave you again for the rest of my life!" He would give her a strong sense of security. He will never make her worry about losing him again.

She moved closer to him and fell into his arms. "Is that for real? Are you sure that I'm not dreaming now? Please promise me, Harry."

She was now not like the usual cheerful and lively Lola whose eyes were always full of pride and joy. She was more like a wounded little rabbit who was looking for a safer place to dwell.

He caressed her long hair with so much fondness. Then he kissed her soft red lips. He wanted to show that everything he said was real. He was here to be with her. Forever.

She kissed him back passionately. She smelled his familiar enticing fragrance. Yes, it was him. She was sure she was not in a dream!

A drop of tear fell down her cheek. She could not resist it.

Harry felt that her cheeks was a bit wet. He opened his eyes and tenderly kissed the tears on her cheeks. He said to her, "Don't cry, Lola. I'm yours for the rest of your life."

From then on, her tears became the most precious pearl in the world to him. Even if there was someone who would like to exchange it with the whole world, he would not let Lola shed tears again.

"Harry, I will stick on to you whenever you go from now on." Lola said to him in a determined voice. She leaned on his shoulders like a child. She held him tightly with her arms. Now, she felt safe.

Harry nodded and looked at her affectionately. "Yes. I was thinking of that, too."

Outside, the view was so beautiful. Harry led Lola to the majestic swimming pool.

The morning glow in the sky was turning into different colors. Now, it was flaming brilliantly.

The swimming pool was connected to the sea, so the water was very blue. Harry leaned on the side of the pool and took Lola in his arms. Lola was now playing in the pool happily in her yellow bikini.

They were so close to each other that Lola could feel his breath on her shoulders. It was kind of tickling her. She giggled.

He caressed her half wet hair with his palm and gazed at

irth to you and raised you for almost five years." She emphasized this one.

"Yes, I know you are my Mommy. But where is Daddy?" Nicole stood up from her bed in excitement. She thought that her Mommy belonged to his Daddy now. Then she could see her Mommy every day from now on. They would finally be a complete family!

Lola was completely speechless. She pouted and handed the cellphone to Harry. He heard everything and smirked.

"Such a naughty and ungrateful child! I'm angry now." She stared at the cellphone in grievance. Harry smiled lightly while wiping his hands with the towel. Then he took the phone with one hand and held Lola's waist with his other hand.

"Nicole." He called her name with such gentleness, which made Lola more upset.

It was said that the daughter was the lover of her father in the previous life. Well, that seemed to be true. What's happening before her eyes had clearly proven it.

"Daddy! How are you?" Nicole exclaimed excitedly when she heard his father's voice. Lola heard it clearly.

Harry felt so proud when her daughter's sweet voice came through. The lovely girl at the other end of the line was his sweetheart!

"Nicole, Daddy and Mommy are missing you now. So much. Do you also miss us?"

Nicole jumped on the bed and replied, "Yes, Daddy. I miss you. When will you come back?"

Looking at Nicole's happy face, Kevin suddenly became very emotional. Nicole was different ever since both her mother and father made amends and were together again. She became happier and more outgoing since then.

"We will come back in two days. You can pick us up when we arrive at the airport. Okay?" He smiled. His amiable face showed how much he loved his daughter.

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