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   Chapter 395 Felt Alone

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"How are you doing? Are you feeling better now?" He patted her back gently while looking worriedly at Lola.

Lola just shook her head and replied, "I'm all right. That must be morning sickness. Oh..." She sighed regretfully. At least for two months, she couldn't eat meat anymore.

When she had Nicole before, she had done just the same to relieve her morning sickness.

Her answer set Harry at ease. Thank god Lola's vomiting was just because of pregnancy.

After sending away the diner's manager, Harry paid the bill and helped Lola take some rest.

Harry heard Lola retching in the bathroom, but he couldn't think of anything to help her with. He felt very helpless. With a pale face, he called over Joey to help him.

After knowing what the problem was, Joey quickly bought some drinks and snacks to relieve Lola's uncomfortable feeling.

Lola washed her hands after she vomited. Throwing up made her feel much better.

She rinsed her mouth and walked out of the restroom. Then she saw Harry pacing around nervously in the room.

She smiled and pondered that this was just the beginning. He should know that the next two months would be tougher to get through. Harry shouldn't worry that much right now.

"I'm okay. Stop walking around. Okay? Don't be so nervous."

Then Harry instantly took her to the bed and asked worriedly, "How are you doing? What do you want to eat? Do you need to go to the hospital? Please do tell me."

His eyes were full of concern. She seldom saw this in him.

She slightly leaned aside, held him, then shook her head. "I'm all right. This is normal during pregnancy. I told you not to worry too much."

"It's hard to think how you made it through when you were pregnant with Nicole." He grasped her hands----it's a bit cold. He worried that she may be getting a bit sick already. He tucked her in the quilt.

"You are overestimating the pain. It's just morning sickness. No big deal, really. Back when I had Nicole, I just ate spicy foods all day to relieve it." Eating spicy food will make a woman give birth to a girl while sour food heralds a boy. That Chinese saying was said to be true. She liked to eat spicy food during pregnancy and she gave birth to Nicole.

She loved spicy food. When she returned to the Li family, her mother had replaced half of the dishes to cater to her taste preference. At that time, Joseph felt his tongue burning because of the chili, but she herself ate them all.

Lola smiled when she remembered that.

Because when she returned home, everyone was very nice and caring to her. The pregnancy made her very grumpy, but the whole family just tolerated her bad temper.


vingly looked at the sleeping Lola.

The he turned around, took the phone on the table and texted Joey on WeChat, "Hire two cooks of Sichuan cuisine now and send them to the manor in C Country."

In addition, the construction for children's room in the manor should also be speeding up.

After everything was settled, he switched off his phone and fell asleep with Lola in his arms.

Lola had a nightmare in which Harry and Yolanda were having breakfast together happily in their villa in Pearl Spring. And she just sat on the corner, looking at them helplessly. In the dream, both of them were smiling so lovingly to each other.

A scene in her past was taking place again... Yolanda said to her arrogantly, "Lola, Harry is mine. You are nothing to him."

Then Cherry affectionately held Harry's arm. "Harry will also be my man. You are nothing to him."

She tried to grab Harry back from Yolanda and Cherry, but he just disappeared.

Then Lola woke up in an instant. The room was very quiet and only the sound of the sea waves can be heard.

Harry was not beside her. Suddenly, she felt alone as if all the happy moments she had with Harry recently were just a dream.

That idea made her panic. She hastily sat up from the bed and shouted, "Harry. Harry!" Her voice sounded worried and afraid.

Harry immediately stopped working. He stood up and rushed into the room.

Then he saw Lola's pale face and worried eyes. He asked anxiously, "What's wrong, honey? Are you feeling sick again?"

Harry's presence relieved Lola's worries. She didn't answer but just tightly embraced Harry. That's how she could feel secure.

"What happened? Honey, tell me please..." Harry tried to comfort her. He felt her panic and shivering. He held her closer in his arms.

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