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   Chapter 394 Tour Around the World to Spend Our Honeymoon

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Harry was standing behind her. She was leaning to his side slightly, her right arm crossing his chest. The photographer adjusted the tone of the picture. It soon showed the ineffable temptation and sexual attraction, with the majestic sea as the background.

After several photos, Harry interrupted the photographer and said, "Leave another set of bikini photos for the evening. Now, let's take some shots in the sea."

Everyone was surprised at Harry's demand, but the photographer's assistant still helped Lola to change her outfit and began to prepare for the next special sea floor effects.

Just then, Lola appeared before Harry's eyes, wearing a sky-blue strapless multi-layer dress with large skirt, her wavy hair just hanging down loosely. She looked so lovely and charming.

Harry was wearing a white casual shirt and sky-blue casual pants. These were exactly the same color with her dress.

It's now already close to noon. The light was already bright so artificial lighting was not needed anymore.

Lola held Harry's hands nervously. She couldn't really swim…

"Don't be afraid, honey. Just hold on to me tightly." He comforted her with his soft voice. The photographer was already in the water, waiting to capture their beautiful moments.

The blue multi-layer dress was specifically prepared for the seafloor effects. Its large multi-layer skirt had better floating effect in the water, so there would be an artistic view.

Lola sank into the water holding her breath and then tried to open her eyes slowly. But she gave up immediately as she really felt uncomfortable.

Yet, she still felt a little delighted when she saw some beautiful fishes just now.

Actually, she didn't need to worry about her safety as she's held tightly by her man.

Oh, no! When she dived into the sea again, she felt even more uncomfortable and rose to the surface quickly, breathing in air. But the lower part of her body was still held by Harry in the water.

After inhaling some more air, she sank in the water again. This time, she opened her eyes successfully, but floated out of the sea soon again after three seconds of eye contact with Harry.

The photographer took this opportunity and already shot two photos. They seemed very good.

He also rose to the surface and said, "Mrs. Si, try to relax under the water. Harry is holding you, anyway." Then he sank again after wiping his face.

Lola tried to follow the instructions of the photographer and let go of the

he was so delighted to see the salmon had been cut and prepared in her plate. She began to enjoy the delicious salmon, but was a little disappointed at its taste. It was even worse than the salmon in A Country.

When the last dish Angus beef was served, finally she began to nod with a satisfactory look. This one was delicious.

However, she suddenly covered her mouth with a piece of tissue, as she was choked by a sickening feeling. She stood up at once and hurried to the washroom.

He was frightened by her behavior, put down the knife in his hand and followed her. "What's wrong?" He held her shoulder and saw a bad expression on her face.

He knew the dishes here were just so-so, but he wanted to take her here to enjoy the sea view.

But did the food make her sick?

Lola waved her hand in a hurry. She counted the days secretly. Maybe it was now time for pregnancy sickness to come and haunt her again...

She rushed to the washroom and tried to vomit over the toilet, but nothing came out.

The sound of her retching in the washroom made him very anxious. But he was unable to do anything.

He looked at his watch. If she would not come out within two minutes, he would go inside.

The restaurant manager came along with him and asked, "Mr. Si, what's the problem?" The manager politely voiced out his concern.

But Harry was too anxious to even reply to him. If Lola really got sick because of the food here, he would make this restaurant disappear.

Just when he planned to forcefully enter, Lola opened the washroom door and walked towards the sink. She washed her hands and took a sip of the lemonade to rinse her mouth.

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