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   Chapter 393 I Said No Photos

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Joey booked an FB water villa for them. It was a split-level structure. The bungalow was surrounded by the best snorkeling area.

The hotel manager went out to meet them. They had two private butlers for this bungalow tasked to take care of everything.

The inside of the bungalow wasn't that big, but it was quite clean, bright and luxurious-looking. It was nicely set up. In the middle of it, a white cozy queen-size bed was placed neatly. It was with a white and blue bedding, as well as a luxurious sofa to its right.

On the wall in front of the bed, the door was replaced with a white wall-sized drape. It also served as a path to the exquisite-looking private plunge pool on the deck.

Standing by the bed, you could see the sky beautifully being reflected on the blue pool. They made a beautiful and sophisticated picture. Beside the pool, there were two deck-chairs and a beach umbrella.

On the left, a fluttering drape also replaced the door. Through it, a ten-meter long wooden bridge stretched, linking the bungalow with a thatched pavilion.

The vision here was open and clear, making it an ideal place to overlook the boundless blue ocean.

"Wonderful!" Lola sighed in amazement. They stood in the pavilion, and rejoiced at the majestic sight while the cold sea breeze touched their faces.

She had never been in Maldives before. It surprised her that its gorgeous scenery was even more grand in person. Maybe it was his presence that enhanced this feeling...

Harry put his arms around her waist from behind and touched her belly. He felt her baby bump.

"Our kid is growing. I'm so proud." He whispered sweetly in her ear. It was a shame for him to miss Nicole's time of infancy. He truly regretted that.

Lola felt her belly, too. "Really? I can't feel it."

He spun her around to face him, looked at her gently. "It's my kid, I can feel it." He felt an undeniable connection with it.

She grinned at him. "Your kid should climb out of my belly, though!"

Yes, his kids were from her body. How beautiful to think of it.

He smiled, and checked the watch on his wrist. "It's time that we should go and get dressed up. We'll have lunch in an hour


She pulled on her bath towel a bit. "But I'm in the towel! Nobody can see right through me!"

Harry was relieved to see her smile. "Yes, but what about your legs? We shouldn't have been here, taking photos on this damn beach! There's too much boys around here!" He gritted his teeth. Her body was only for him. No one else could look at it.

Lola slowly stepped backward. "Are you so old and traditional? You're too conservative. Aren't you just wearing beach shorts yourself? Look over there, those hot girls are winking to you. Did I ever say anything unpleasant about it?" She said, pointing to the hot blondes not far from them.

Harry didn't raise his eyes. His eyes stayed fixed on her. He pulled her to his chest and kissed her. "Are you feeling jealous?" He asked in a proud voice.

She slapped him on his chest and stared at him. "Well, I can't deny that."

He grinned in satisfaction. Then he took her hand and walked back to the area where they would do the shoot.

When they got back to the shooting spot, the cameraman shot some close-ups for Lola. She wore a chic sun hat and stepped into the sea, paused and smiled back.

Harry stayed on the beach. He was keeping eyes on those men, and fought them back with his piercing glances when their eyes dropped on Lola.

After a while, Lola walked back to him. The assistant put a white waist-long wedding veil on her head, and she held a bouquet of red flowers in her hands.

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