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   Chapter 392 Do You Believe it

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The magnificent hotel was now just in front of them. Lola complained a bit and said, "Okay, we are now at the hotel. Put me down then." She straightened up and prepared to get off Harry's back.

But Harry just moved her up even more and replied, "No, stay on my back. I will take you into the room like this."

"No! It's a bit embarrassing." She blushed while she was holding around Harry's neck with one arm.

Harry retorted calmly, "You are my wife. That's not embarrassing at all. I actually find it very sweet."

Your wife? "I haven't agreed yet to remarry you. Don't take advantage of me." Harry may have the certificate of marriage, but that's not the end of story. She eased herself up on Harry's back and pinched his ear gently.

The bell boy opened the door courteously. In the midst of the crowd's astonishment, Harry led Lola into the hotel. "Agree or not, I've registered the marriage for us. Through a wedding, I will tell the whole world that you, Lola is my one and only wife!" Harry replied straightforwardly, ignoring the gossiping people around them.

His sweet words made Lola smile happily.

But when they entered the room, Lola pretended to threaten Harry, "If you treat me badly, I will disappear with our two kids. You will never find us then."

They haven't turned on the lights in the room. But with the light from the street lamps, it's not completely dark. They could see each other' faces. Her threat reminded Harry that Lola had disappeared from him for four years. His face turned pale.

He held Lola tighter in his arms and kissed her. "No, I wouldn't let you leave again. Over the four years that you were away from me, I have missed you so much." He said sweetly.

It was true. For that four years, he had to look at her photos or he could never make it through the long, lonely nights. Even in the time when he had mistaken her as the one who killed his mother, he couldn't help thinking about her.

The atmosphere in the room slightly changed. Lola remembered Yolanda. She didn't want to mention Yolanda at this sweet moment. But this was a good opportunity fo

that you gave me..." Lola choked on her words.

Harry held her in his arms while nodding constantly. "I know; I know. Don't cry, honey. I just need more time to find out who that man is. I also believe what you said about Yolanda. I have told you that I didn't punish her because I want you to do it." He kissed her smooth forehead.

After a long while, she looked at him seriously. "Can I trust you again?"

Harry nodded and reassured her. "Lola, you must believe in me."

Late that night, the Eiffel Tower still shed soft yellow light. All their words were replaced by kisses. Lola slowly unbuttoned Harry's shirt...

Next morning, they headed for Maldives.

Maldives was composed of over 1000 islands. There's a vacation hotel on each island. It's almost secluded. It boasted world-class hotels, entertainment facilities and top hotel services.

When looking at the view from the plane, the Maldives was like an emerald necklace, embedded in a blue velvet, tranquil and serene background.

Receptionists came the moment they got off the plane. The hotel villa was equipped with two excellent butlers.

Harry took Lola on the yacht and they drifted onto the sea. After the ride, waiters delivered them coconut milk and coconut-odored one-off towel.

They enjoyed the view and walked for several minutes before arriving at the hotel.

Paradise Island. Wow. This was a six-star hotel...

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