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   Chapter 391 Did Not Dare to Look Into Her Eyes

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After finishing the shooting in the second floor of the Eiffel Tower, Harry took Lola to the entrance where they had some snacks and drinks.

The photographer followed to take pictures of them while they were eating and having fun. Later, they took the elevator to the top of the tower.

On top of the Eiffel Tower, they enjoyed a beautiful panoramic view below. Indeed, the yellow tower of Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre in the shade, the white Mengma Sacred Heart Church were clearly visible. The colorful scenery was a feast to the eye. As seen from the top of the tower, the whole Paris was like a huge map. The numerous roads and alleys were intertwined, forming different wide and narrow lines on the map.

In the north, they could see the Charlottenburg Palace, and the splashing fountain. The Seine flowed rather peacefully under the tower. The grand lawn, which used to be the drilling grounds of the God of War and the ancient building of the French Military Academy, stood in the south. The picturesque scenery was really unforgettable.

Everybody were enjoying this visual feast. Overlooking Paris, they stared at the one-of-a-kind view!

It was the third time that Harry and Lola traveled together. They had been to Echo Bay and Canada together in their last two trips. "Do you feel tired now? We could take a break first." Harry asked her. Harry led Lola to a table where they could enjoy the scenery and order a glass of fresh juice for her.

The photographer came up with a really good idea. He went to the front desk and brought back a straw. He put the straw into the juice.

The sweet scene of the couple intimately drinking the juice face-to-face together with the beautiful view was permanently captured by the camera.

Their appearance and the high-profile wedding photos shooting has caused a sensation here. When they went out of the Eiffel Tower, they found out that there were still many people following them behind even though they have walked a long distance from the Tower.

Lola did not want to go back to the hotel now. She went into a luxurious car Joey had rented for her and leaned on Harry's shoulder to get some rest. She was afraid that she would get a bit dizzy.

The photographer didn't want to miss any chance to seize the beautiful moment. He gently clicked on the camera. Harry pulled down the window for him.

The photographer lifted his camera to capture the scene. Harry realized this and accepted what the photographer wanted. The photographer immediately pressed the shutter outside the car and captured the picture in which Lola was leaning on Harry's shoulders.

When the photographer finished taking pictures, Harry said to him, "Don't delete any photos shot during this trip. I want them all."

The photographer nodded. Of course, he would not delete a single one of them. The couple was so well

tion. She didn't mind whether it was one hour or two hours.

Once they were there to enjoy themselves, they would certainly forget about the time. It was always the case. She continued to stare at Harry who was eating his meal in a graceful manner. He was always so sophisticated. She smiled and felt proud of her cleverness.

The Eiffel Tower at night looked brilliant with all the lights on. The soft but not flaunting yellow lights was a sight to behold. It was like a huge magnet, attracting everyone's attention on it.

The closer they were to the Eiffel Tower, the more tourists there were.

Harry carefully protected Lola by holding her into his arms. He would make sure that nobody would touch her.

Lola took out her cellphone and took several photos. It has been seven or eight years since the last time she came here!

Then she dragged Harry closer to her and took a photo with him. In the photo, Harry was wearing a white casual suit. He was gazing at Lola with love in his eyes. Lola was looking at the camera happily. The photo would be perfect after applying some filters on it.

Yes, it was the right feeling! Lola logged onto her Weibo account and uploaded the photo. Then she added the words below, "Goodbye, Paris!"

The only regret was that it was too soon. Only one day to stay here and they would leave.

She turned off her cellphone. They were walking around with Lola affectionately holding Harry's arms.

They were already very close to their hotel. But when they decided to go back to the hotel, two hours had already passed. On the way back, Harry took Lola on his back and walked slowly on the side of the road.

Joey drove the car and followed behind them in case they both wanted to just take a ride. He looked at the romantic couple walking slowly in front of him, and felt so envious. He thought this might be the moment his boss has longed for a long time.

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