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   Chapter 390 Eiffel Tower

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Harry held Lola's hands and let her sit comfortably on the sofa. He sat closely beside her.

He told Miss Fila about their suggestions on the wedding dress. Lola was good at English. She heard a few words being said by Harry.

Just like "Money is not a problem. The wedding dress must be elegant and luxurious, better with hemlines..."

Then Miss Fila was going to measure her body size so Harry thoughtfully suggested that the wedding dress should leave a larger space for her belly.

The wedding dress for the wedding day was quickly decided in half an hour. Then Harry carefully finished the itinerary for the following three days. He was really good in planning things like this.

The director of the wedding house, together with the chief photographer and another two makeup artists and three shooting assistants took down notes attentively about things they need to prepare for the photo-shoot.

Lola looked at the itinerary made by Harry. She was dumbfounded. There were so many things that they have to do! Tomorrow, they would go to Paris. The day after tomorrow, their destination was Maldives. And on the third day, they would go to Phuket Island.

The photographers and their assistants would go with them. They would travel by Harry's private plane. But it was only for shooting the wedding photos. Was it necessary to go that far and spend that much?

After the discussion, Harry reviewed the notes written by his assistant and handed it to Lola, "Is it okay? Do you have anything more to add on it?"

"No, it's okay."

"Don't you think three days is too short? We could make it six or even a whole week." He worried that she would easily get tired to finish so many things in such a short time.

"It's okay. No need to change." She replied quickly. She didn't have other requests. The itinerary was already very overwhelming.

Harry returned the notes to his assistant and said to him, "It's okay. But it all depends on the situation when we are out there. If it is too fast for us, we could delay for a bit." Now Lola was the focus of all his decisions. He couldn't do anything that will endanger the baby.

Then they stood up to try on the wedding dresses. Harry carefully helped her to choose the most fitting dress for her.

Every time she put on a dress, Harry would make her rest for a while. And he would ask her whether she was tired, thirsty or hungry. The shop assistants beside them immediately became Harry's loyal fans. They were so envious about Harry's love and care for Lola.

Lola looked at the man who has been so sweet and considerate to her. He became very gentle and thoughtful to her since she got pregnant. Except for his arrogance, she could hardl

oting wedding photos in Paris because of the social media platforms.

The assistants politely asked the on-lookers to give way for the shooting. It was because they have to use the Eiffel Tower as the background. The gorgeous Lola held the handsome Harry beside her. They began to shoot the first picture.

The photographer tuned the light. In the camera, Lola slightly pouted her red lips and sweetly looked at Harry. Harry gazed at Lola in his arms, his eyes full of deep affection. When their eyes met in the air, the time seemed to have frozen.

It was perfect! The photographer immediately seized the moment and quickly pressed the shutter continuously.

Then under the photographer's instruction, Harry held Lola horizontally and lowered his head to kiss her on the forehead. His eyes smiled like a crescent moon. They have never seen Harry smile like this. Joey was surprised by the magic power of love.

He clearly remembered when his boss was shooting photos with Yolanda. His face was as cold as ice all throughout the shoot. The photographer who was responsible for taking photos for Harry and Yolanda was so frustrated. In many occasions, he had to delete the photos he had just shot.

Later, they bought the tickets and entered the second floor of the Eiffel Tower. From this floor, they could see the best view outside. The Louvre and Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris are clearly seen from where they were.

Lola changed to a strapless white gown in a dressing room. A bright red sunflower was put in her ear. Harry changed to an elegant black suit.

This was another theme. Harry bowed his head and kissed Lola's red lips. The photographer adjusted the focus and pressed the shutter. Their sweet images were fixed against the background of the Arch of Triumph and Louvre.

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