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   Chapter 389 Has Lola Forgiven You

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Eason's surprised voice rang through Harry's ears. "Oh, my God! Harry, you are so strong and fast!" Lola had fiercely quarreled with him not a long time ago, right? Then how come Lola was pregnant again? Did the both of them reconcile that quickly?

"Of course! I'm the best!" Now that Eason had been informed, Harry hung up.

"Hello, hello..." The sudden cancelled call let Eason feel that his phone was not working. Looking at the screen, he found out that Harry had already hung up.

He reluctantly shook head and returned to his private room in the bar with a wine glass in his hand. Thinking that ice-cold Harry could become so gentle and expressive because of his wife and children, he determined to marry a girl soon and then, they could also have a baby. It was really life-changing to have a child.

Harry continued to look through his phone directory and instantly pressed the call button on seeing Samuel's number.

Samuel had just finished reading the materials for tomorrow's case and had been sleeping for about half an hour. But now, he was awakened by the ringing of his private phone.

"Harry, you haven't slept yet. Are you missing me that much?"

Harry called him at the middle of the night. He must have missed him.

"Well, you are right. I am missing you." Different from his expressionless gestures before, Harry unexpectedly agreed with him. This put Samuel into suspicion.

"Hey, buddy. Are you drugged or something?" Harry called him at midnight and said that he missed him. This caused Samuel to feel goosebumps in his skin.

Harry shook his legs and said, "Samuel. Lola is pregnant again!" His tone was filled with excitement.

Samuel was a little bit stiff. Harry would have children again? "Who's your child's mother? Are you sure with this?" Did Lola forgive him already?

"That question does not make sense. My children's mother is absolutely my wife!" On finishing this sentence, Harry hung up again. He didn't want to waste time to chat with these guys.

The last call was to Joey. "Hello!" Who was calling him at midnight? He's still sleepy... Joey yawned and answered the phone in a daze.


ids for Lola.

Presently, there were four servants in the house besides Mrs. Du.

In the following days, Lola spent her time in bed and in the balcony every day.

Also, she had to drink maternity tonics and medicines brought to her by Harry every day.

Chuck was forced by Harry to examine Lola every two weeks.

A month passed quickly. Lola was finally allowed to walk outside.

When Lola was nurturing the baby at home, Harry had already addressed many matters in the company.

As Chuck had repeatedly guaranteed that Lola's baby would be totally fine, Harry brought Lola outside.

Lola bent over the car window and inhaled the fresh air.

Harry brought her to the largest wedding dress store in the area. It also belonged to SL. Ph&M. Miss Fila was invited ahead of time and was already waiting for them.

"Didn't we already take wedding photographs in Ph&M in A Country?" Getting off the car, Lola looked at the luxurious store and felt that it was familiar.

"You have a good memory. It is a company owning many branch stores overseas." Harry held her hand and walked inside.

The assistants of Ph&M had been informed that the big boss would come here today. Managers and assistants were standing at the door, "Mr. Harry and Mrs. Lola! Welcome to Ph&M." Lola smiled to their polite greetings and nodded to them.

"Nice to meet you. Mr. Si, Mrs. Si!" Miss Fila greeted them. Harry and Lola met her again.

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