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   Chapter 388 Why Do You Have to Tell Me Again

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"She is pregnant." Chuck said in a familiar tone. His words kept Harry's temper in place.

She's pregnant? Harry could hardly believe it. No, she was not pregnant. Maybe she just had hemorrhage. With this in mind, he retorted back, "Are you sure the doctor is not a quack? You sure he's accurate in this?"

Hearing such doubt, the chief physician in the test room twitched his mouth in dismay. After all, he has won numerous medical awards and have been part of many sensitive operations.

Chuck briefed Harry with Lola's situation, "She has been pregnant for five weeks. She felt dizzy due to hypoglycemia. The bleeding was because of her baby. She had hemorrhage when she delivered her first child, so she must be careful with this second one."


So his wife, Lola, was really pregnant?

Instead of being anxious, great joy overwhelmed Harry. Ah, he was to have another child. Nicole was to have a brother or sister. Finally!

"That's great. Okay, I will give you a break for such good news. After all, you're my friend..." Without Harry finishing his words, Chuck hung up. But that didn't upset Harry at all. He was too happy to be mad at anything.

Now, he would have to speed up and fix some things.

They still have to do things such as re-shooting wedding photos, re-launching the wedding ceremony and many more...

To protect the baby, Lola had to undergo tocolysis infusion treatment in the hospital. Meanwhile, she looked at Harry quite confusingly as he was smiling while taking her hands.

"Am I dying? Why are you so happy?" She asked discontentedly. She wanted to know what's wrong, but Harry wouldn't tell her. He was acting really strange.

He was preoccupied with picturing out their happy future. Harry didn't regain his poise until Lola has become angry. "Lola, I will tell you later. Just take a rest first." He caressed her hair lovingly.

Instantly, Lola became even more angry. She hated it when people hid things from her.

After the IV, Harry put the medicine prescribed by the doctor into the car, then returned to pick up Lola.

He carried her and walked out of the hospital.

They got

she fell into sleep.

When she slept like a log, Harry got off the bed, walked outside and called Chuck.

After a long while, Chuck's hoarse voice echoed. "I think Lola is all right. Why did you call again?"

Harry raised his lips proudly, "My Lola is really pregnant." He was confirming but also flaunting.

His arrogance made Chuck want to get off the bed, take his scalpel and rush to the hospital. He replied angrily, "I already knew it. Why do you have to tell me again? What the hell do you want?"

"I want you to be happy for me. I have two kids with Lola now." Without even waiting for Chuck's reply, Harry hung up.

Well, he was flaunting. He had better make Chuck too mad to sleep. Then Chuck could take the whole night to think about how to move on from Lola.

Indeed, his words caused Chuck to lose some sleep. At around 3 that midnight, Chuck went to the hospital and buried himself in experiments.

Harry was on the couch, watched the night view, then dialed another number. "Hello. Harry, you're not yet asleep?" Eason's excited voice came through.

"Yes, I am too happy to sleep." Harry sounded joyful and relaxed.

"Why?" Eason was surprised as Harry seldom expressed his feelings or talked about his good mood. "What good news makes you so happy that you have to call me at the middle of the night?"

"You will have two goddaughters. Soon." He tried to lower his voice so as not to disturb Lola.

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