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   Chapter 387 You Might as Well Leave Her to Me

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7850

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Within a minute, Harry came out with a trolley. There was a pinkish white two-layer birthday cake on the trolley. It was really gorgeous.

Two candles in the shape of the number 27 were lit brightly on the cake. A piece of chocolate on the cake said: "Darling, Happy birthday to you!"

Harry pulled the cart in front of her and stopped. He went into the room again. When he walked out of the room, he was holding a big bouquet of roses in his hands.

There were 999 roses. White roses were in the inner circle, blue ones were in the middle and red roses in the outer circle.

Harry put the bouquet in her arms. There were too many roses that she could hardly hold them.

Harry kissed her red lips and said to her, "Darling, Happy birthday!" Those beautiful roses were delivered from other countries, and every one of them was carefully arranged in the bouquet by himself.

He would be satisfied only if she have accepted it, no matter whether she liked it or not.

He had already sent Joey to Damascus of Bulgaria to contact a flower estate. He wanted to rent a lot. Then he could bring Lola to the place and plant the roses with her together.

"Thank you!" Lola said sincerely. She felt happy and excited with every surprise Harry has made for her. She felt like a little girl.

"Sweetie, I'm your husband. You don't need to say thanks." He didn't like the way she was being so polite to him.

Harry put the roses on the table and said to Lola, "Let's eat the cake!"

The candles were already melting. Lola closed her eyes and made a wish. She hoped everything could be better from now on.

She blew out the candles. Harry stood behind her and held her hands to help her cut the cake.

Lola ate a small slice of the cake. It was so delicious. She wondered where did Harry order this...

After that, she already ate three plates of cake. Harry handed over the empty plates and put them aside.

He took out a gift box from the cart and gave it to Lola. "Dear, this is my gift for you. Open it."

A big white gift box tied with pink silver ribbon was given to her.

Another surprise? Lola looked at the beautifully decorated box in front of her. She was amazed and at the same time, bewildered. He had really exerted great efforts to prepare for her birthday.

She untied the pink silky ribbon and opened the box. There w


The time seemed to pass slowly for Harry who was waiting outside the room. He kept walking in circles around the corridor. What had happened to her? Did he hurt her? But he was very gentle with her...

Twenty minutes later

The doctor walked out from the room. He took off his mask and breathed a sigh of relief.

He looked at Harry with a smile. Harry saw that he was smiling. It was very strange. He frowned.

The doctor said to Harry, "Don't worry. I have reported her situation to Doctor Si. He will contact you later."

When the doctor finished his words, Harry's phone rang.

"Tell me about Lola's situation quickly!" Harry urged as soon as he connected to the line.

Chuck was dumbfounded for a while. He calmed down and told him, "What did you do to her? You hurt her. You are not a good husband for her. You might as well leave her to me." Chuck said slowly. Hearing this, Harry was relieved. Lola's situation was not serious. Otherwise, Chuck's tone would be more desperate.

"You did not suffer enough from Grandpa Si's crutch? One woman is not enough for you?" Harry threatened him in a cold voice. If that was not enough, he had many ways to punish him.

Chuck really didn't want to hear Harry's arrogant voice. Thinking about Daisy, he really wanted to peel a layer off Harry's skin and throw it into the stove.

"Calm down! It's good news. Okay?" He said impatiently.

Harry closed his eyes. His patience has all been used up. He shouted, "Good news? She is now lying in a hospital bed. Do you think that's good news?!"

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