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   Chapter 386 Lillian Did A Favor

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The business was exceptionally good even though the coffee price was at least two-thirds higher than that of LN.

Being absent in the company for two months, Harry had accumulated so much work that he needed to dealt with it day and night.

As it is, he decided not to contact Lola for the meantime. He thought that this would also give her a chance to think matters over.

How time just passed by! Lola suddenly realized that she would be twenty-seven years old, as her birthday was just around the corner. It was the day before her birthday.

Last year, Harry gave her a birthday celebration that she would never forget, and Zoe gave her a crystal bracelet as his gift. She also received many lipsticks from Herren, and many of them were still kept there and unopened.

When Lola got back home at night, she opened a drawer. There was a delicate jewelry box inside.

The crystal bracelet that Zoe gave her was in that box. She had kept it carefully all these months...

Zoe had passed away for almost a year, and yet Lola didn't have the courage to wear the bracelet. It was a thing that would make her think of Zoe. Whenever she thought of him, she would just drop into grief, like now...

Every time she saw the bracelet, Lola would feel that Zoe was just around her. "Zoe, I will be 27 years old tomorrow. What gift will you give me this year?" She muttered to herself. What responded to her was the mere silence.

Early the next morning, Lola went to Panlong Cemetery with a bouquet of chrysanthemums.

After visiting the grave of Zoe, she came back to LN.

At noon, all her relatives were with her, except for Joseph and Lillian. They went to a restaurant to celebrate her birthday.

They were very happy, but Lola felt a little emptiness in her heart. It was because Nicole and Harry were not here…

Did he forget my birthday? Lola was having doubts already. For more than a month, except some several calls with Nicole, she hadn't heard from Harry. Not even a single call.

After lunch, Lola left the restaurant with her little nephew in her arms.

At the time she turned her little nephew over to his mother, her phone rang. There was a message from Thomas Herren on WeChat.

"Lola, Happy Birthday!"

She smiled. Even Herren could still remember her birthday, but Harry…The emptiness overwhelmed her again.

She answered the message quickly, "Thank you! Take care of yours

row of fireworks placed on the seaside road outside the hotel. They were set off and then burst forth in the air. It was beautiful!

Many hearts appeared in the sky one after another.

After these hearts, more fireworks were taken out and set off.

As they burst forth in the sky, the words I LOVE YOU appeared again before Lola's eyes. They were so beautiful that Lola was totally obsessed in it!

She didn't even realize that someone had stood behind her until she was suddenly held by the two arms of that man.

She got a scare and wanted to make a resistance, but the man just held her tighter and whispered at her ear, "Isn't it beautiful?"

It's him. She knew his voice...

She took a look at the fireworks outside and turned her face towards him. Were these…?

"Yes, dear, I LOVE YOU." He told her in such an affectionate way. He arranged all of these for her. He had not forgotten.

The view outside became more and more spectacular, as more I LOVE YOU fireworks appeared in the sky. They were also surrounded by many colorful round fireworks.

Lola did not know what to say. She was just too happy, but she still had doubts. "I got the invitation from Lillian…"

But she was replied with a kiss, and Harry said, "Lillian just did a favor for me. I should thank her."

So, the one who invited her to the hotel was… Harry Si? He remembered her birthday and gave her an unforgettable moment again?

She was so moved and couldn't know what to say. He was always good at surprises.

Seeing her happy look, Harry smiled and said, "Wait for me!" Then he walked into the bedroom.

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