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   Chapter 385 How Many Imperial Harems Would He Need

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7309

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Then Joseph forwarded a comment, "Lola, my sister. Harry would punish himself back home at night. He will be really lonely."

At dinner time in the old house, Harry saw Joseph's comment. He smiled and pressed the like button. As long as Lola could forgive him, he would never hesitate to do anything.

It was already late at night when Lola saw the comment. Her micro-blog has been flooded with messages and comments.

Confused, she checked Harry's micro-blog account.


She just returned home to visit her parents. How was this walking out on the family? Of course, she also has some responsibilities with her parents!

And why did her brother, Joseph, joined along with the fray... She bit her lips and browsed all the hot and popular comments.

Finally, she posted a comment: "Boss Si, I am just too ordinary a girl to deserve your affection. Give me a break."

Harry knew nothing about Lola's comment until Joey texted him on WeChat.

Lola was also the proud type, so she was quite happy that Harry commented back, "Honey, it's all my fault. Please come back home."

That reply invited quite a heap of jealousy from single people.

They all commented below----"Boss Si, how could you show such public display of affection? Have you considered how singles like us would feel?"

"Mrs. Si, please come home soon. We wouldn't want another round of affection display."

Lola knew Harry has replied, then texted back joyfully, "What's your fault then?"

"All of these are my fault. ALL! Please forgive me, honey."

Then Lola stopped replying. She laid on her bed, looking at his comments happily.

Their exchange of words set the whole micro-blog community excited. Some netizens began saying sour-grape words and others began gossiping about them.

When she was fantasizing about how to punish Harry, her phone suddenly rang.

She bit her lips as determination and answered the call. "Honey, if I kneel on the durian fruit as punishment, will you forgive me?" Harry lit a cigarette, opened the document box and prepared to work.

She couldn't help but to retort, "Give me a gun and let me shoot you. Then I would cool off."

Her reply mad

o sleep.

Did she really cry for her? That made Lola concerned and worried. Their failed marriage brought pain and hurt to them two, and now to Nicole.

She was a bad mom.

"Send Nicole here." How great it would be if Harry could let her have Nicole here..

"It's okay to send her over, but what if Nicole wants her dad, too? What should we do then?" Sending Nicole to her was not the way to solve the problem.

Lola became silent. Her determination to leave began to wither. She then said, "Give me some time to think about it." She would have to make some compromises for Nicole. Alas!

"Honey, you are welcome here anytime you want." She was the hostess. She owned this place. The door would always open for her. So would his arms.

Harry then hung up and continued working while Lola went through a sleepless night. She replayed all the things in her mind, trying to figure out a solution.

But even until she became tired and fell asleep, she didn't find a way out.

As long as there was a chance that she may change her mind and come back, Harry would wait for her. In her own home, Lola lived her old routine----getting up in the morning, returning home at night.

Occasionally, she had to inspect and supervise Dominator across the street. With Joey in charge, that place was going well.

But the decoration was different. When Lola ran the place, it looked aesthetic and touching. It was now more high-end and luxurious.

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