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   Chapter 384 My Wife Ran Away from Home

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6419

Updated: 2018-08-03 23:27

"Listen, I'll buy a new one for you if you lose it. No worries." He tried to reassure her. And if she still refused, he would threaten her!

"No, I'll just wear it at parties. This is really special and I can't wear it every day." She decided not to wear it because she felt the pressure of wearing such expensive pendant. She didn't want people to always look at her.

Harry rolled his eyes and stepped forward to her, "Lola, if you don't wear it, I will..." He kissed her ear seductively...

Lola was taken aback. "All right, I will wear it! I give in!" Such a cunning man!

"OK, come on, I will reward you with something." He pulled her back to his side, so she had to step backward again.

When she hit herself on the table accidentally, he grasped her quickly and held her tightly.

"I... If you do anything, I will be angry!" She pretended to scare him.

"He is so shameless!" She thought.

She thought of that what happened last night. It was completely understandable as they both really missed each other. But she would be angry if he did it again tonight. Maybe it was too much already.

"My wife, I miss you very much during the two months I was in the US." He kissed her forehead. She felt the tenderness of his lips.

"Oh, I know! You don't have to tell me." She said indifferently. Indeed, she also missed him over those lonely nights when he was in the US.

"You said that you would like to talk with Chuck. I am jealous!" He expressed his thoughts directly, and kissed her cheeks.

She pushed him away and wiped her face, "You just talk and please don't kiss me. All right?"

"Well, so how do you want to compensate me?" He asked. He thought that it was just appropriate because she was his wife. She talked and laughed with another man in front of him. It was kind of him that he didn't kill Chuck because of it.

Lola thought for a while, "Look, I am not a good woman. I had an ar

morning, Lola got up after Harry went to the company. She took Nicole to the old house.

Harry's grandpa was doing better now. There was nothing to worry about except some pain he felt in his left hand and left leg.

He was so happy to see Lola and Nicole. After lunch, Lola requested Kevin to take good care of Nicole.

She told him that she had to go back to A Country because of some urgent business.

Nicole lived in the old house before and she was familiar with this place. So she just happily said her goodbyes to Lola.

It was already evening when Harry found out she had already left.

Lola had arrived at her home. But she didn't answer Harry's calls.

Harry drove to the old house and thought of an idea halfway there. He took out his cellphone and tweeted, "My wife ran away from home."

And then he illustrated the message with a picture of his watch and noted Lola's Weibo account.

His message was first on the list of top trending searches in half an hour, and attracted hundreds of thousands of comments.

The first comment was, "Mr. Si and Mrs. Si are just showing their love."

The second was from Joseph, "My brother-in-law, don't worry, I will help you!"

The third wrote, "Mrs. Si, your husband asked you to go back home! Follow him!"

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