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   Chapter 383 Paraiba Tourmaline

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"I'm ready anytime!" Harry replied casually while looking at Nicole who was so happy to have so much delicious food on the table.

Chuck took a scalpel and angrily stabbed it into the body of a dummy. He was imagining that the dummy was the hateful Harry.

"Harry, wait to see how I steal Lola from you! Oh, you'll see!" Damn Harry! He didn't deserve to be his brother! He was such a cunning and cruel man!

Now his grandfather rushed to the hospital and beat him with his crutch. When his grandfather found out that he didn't have the intention to get married, he almost destroyed his laboratory!

Lola was dumbfounded. She stopped eating and thought why would they quarrel about her? Was it because Harry was taking a revenge on Chuck for cheating him about Lola's fake amnesia before?

"Sorry, it may disappoint you. My wife now doesn't have time and energy to cheat on me." Harry picked a piece of the tasty pork and put it into Lola's bowl.

... Hearing this, Lola paused as she was about to put the meat into her mouth.

She stared at Harry in disgust. She immediately put down her chopsticks and walked directly to him. She was going to take his cellphone away.

But before Lola reached for the cellphone, Harry had already picked it up from the table. He said to Chuck, "Hey, Chuck, if you still want to play, I will oblige with you until the very end. I want to see you so embarrassed and ashamed." Chuck was his brother. Definitely, he would join him in playing a game.

In the hospital, the dummy in front of Chuck was scarred everywhere by the scalpel. It was almost beyond recognition.

Looking at the dummy, Chuck breathed a sigh of relief. He felt satisfied because it was as if he had seen Harry become like this.

But there were some implied tones in Harry's words. This made Chuck very uncomfortable. His face turned pale in anxiety.

Lola sneaked behind Harry and tried to grab the cellphone from his hand. "I want to speak to Chuck! Give me the phone!" She shouted.

Hearing Lola's frantic voice, Chuck held back the depressed feelings in his heart and spoke to the phone in a provocative tone, "Lola, don't be with Harry, You and me could..." He had intended to say they could run away to a secret place. But the phone was suddenly hung up.


Harry hung up the phone directly in front of Lola's face and then turned it off.

Lola was frustrated. She went back to her seat and continued eating her meal.

"Mommy, you are not happy now, right?" Nicole got closer to Lola

thing she liked. Expensive with modest luxury...

But...It was from Harry. "So, are you planning to buy me off?" She raised her head and looked at Harry.

Should she refuse this or... Keep it?

She hesitated not because of its expensive price. Even if the gift Harry would send to him was only worth several dollars, she would still hesitate whether to keep it or not.

Harry held her in his arms and answered, "Of course not. It is only a small gift for you. When I saw it, I knew right there and then that you would like it." If he had told her that it was to express his apologies, she would definitely not consider it.

It would be easier for her to accept it by saying that it was just a simple gift.

A small gift? How? This was really expensive! Lola glanced at Harry, and did not believe in him. "I saw a similar one on a jewelry auction. It is worth millions for only one gram. This one is at least ten grams and it is must be worth over a hundred million! Are you sure it is only a small gift?"

"Do you think I would care about the money? I don't." Harry replied.

Okay, he was right. One hundred million was actually nothing to him!

"But I couldn't wear it every day. It would attract people's attention."

"It is my gift to you. You must wear it." The Paraiba Tourmaline on her neck made her face looked more radiant.

"It is worth several hundred millions. It is impossible that I wear it when I go out. People might plot attacks on me." She would feel so much pressure. Imagine the scene when she was wearing it and walking on the road. Everyone would gaze at her. She would also worry every minute that she might lose it. She was at a great dilemma.

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